In organising your wedding, you’ll complete numerous tasks ranging in workload involved and time required. Among the more time-consuming jobs is that of deciding on who should receive an invite to the wedding, whether it’s for the reception or the entire day. Most of the invitations will write themselves – immediate family and close friends will be included almost by default – but the decision as to where to draw the line is much tougher. Some neighbours and second-degree relations might be expecting an invite, but your budgetary or venue constraints might force you to strike them off the list, which runs the risk of incurring their wrath.

The unfortunate truth is that no matter how careful you are or how generous you try to be, you’ll likely offend someone who thinks they are going to be invited. This happens to every couple in preparing a wedding, though, so you’re certainly not alone in this dilemma. The best advice we can give is to draft a list of EVERYONE who you think might be deserving of an invite, then divide that into four sub-lists of those who simply must be there, those who you’d very much love to attend, those who you’d like to see if they can make it and those whose absence wouldn’t make any real difference.

We know there’s no easy way of finalising your wedding invitation list, but a practical, considered approach will help you greatly in filtering the list of potential invitees so that the people closest to you are given priority over those with a less central role in your lives. This infographic by Commins & Co ( gives an excellent guide to handling the tough decisions as regards wedding invitations and provides sensible, concrete advice which we’re sure you’ll find most helpful.


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