You have secured your chosen venue, booked your photographer and purchased your dress.  You may be considering doing your own make-up, but here are a few reasons to hire a professional make-up artist.

Whilst you may be confident in applying your own make-up, you will want something special for your wedding day.  Your wedding day is the perfect time to be pampered.  Your make-up artist will travel to your chosen venue so you can sit back and relax whilst your make-up is applied.  Have you ever tried to apply eyeliner for a night out that hasn’t gone quite to plan?  By hiring a make-up artist, the pressure is off!

Memories of your wedding day will be preserved forever in photos, so it’s important to know what products work in front of the camera.  Your make-up artist will possess the knowledge to be able to advise on which products provide a flawless finish.  Your make-up needs to be long lasting from the ceremony to your night time dancing.  A professional make-up artist will again know which products work best for this and will have the skill to apply them.

A professional make-up artist will know how to highlight your best features and will know how to hide any features that you aren’t as keen on.  They will also be able to work out your skin type and offer expert advice on how you can care for your skin on the lead up to the wedding day.

Written by Jenny Green:

All images by Andrew Sturrock Photography

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