Every woman wants to look especially beautiful on her wedding day. To achieve that “blushing bride” look, it is important that you eat right, drink lots of water, and maintain a diligent skin care routine. Here are a few tips:

 Don’t Change Too Much

 Once you start planning your wedding, you may want try out fancy skin treatments and specialized serums. This is fine early in the planning process. But once the big day approaches, it’s best to stick to the stuff you know.

Do not make a big change to your skin care routine in the final few months before your wedding. This will prevent you from suffering any allergic reactions or other complications that could cause you to be less than photogenic.


Sport That SPF

 Anyone who’s ever have a sunburn can tell you they don’t look lovely. If you’re having an outdoor wedding (or if you’re taking photos outside), make liberal use of some sunblock.

If you’re worried about “sunblock shine” (the way some sunblocks glisten on your skin), opt for a moisturizer or foundation with added SPF. Just be sure you’re protected! This will prevent you from looking too rosy in your photos – and from dealing with the a sunburn on your honeymoon.


Perfect Your Pout

 Most people’s “lip care” stops with layer of chapstick. But when you’re getting married, your lips should be beautiful and kissably soft (you’ll be doing a lot of kissing that day). Be sure to give your lips a little TLC in the weeks before the wedding.

Invest in some exfoliant. If you’re feeling crafty, make your own. This way, your lips will look smooth and soft – and you’ll be ready when the preacher says, “You may now kiss the bride.”


Get Rid of Razor Burn

 Razor burn isn’t only a problem on your man’s face. Those painful, red bumps that can crop up after a shave plague ladies, too; on your wedding day, there’s no time to deal with it – stop it from happening, instead!

To prevent ingrown hairs or irritated skin, take some time to apply a moisturizing after-shave serums after shaving your legs or underarms. You’ll be able to kick up your heels and dance without worrying about the way your legs look.


Timing is Everything

For a wedding to be perfect, it takes several months to plan, right? Well, the same goes for your skin. Some brides-to-be begin perfecting their skin care routine a year before the big day, as this gives them plenty of time to meet with a dermatologist, get professional treatments done, and find the products that do wonders for them.

Take some time to review your current skin care routine. What works for you? What can be improved? Then, make sure you have plenty of time to experiment with new treatments and lock down what will make you look your best.

Of course, the true key to looking beautiful on your big day is this: be happy! Do your best to avoid stress, and remember the real reason you’re walking down the aisle. Once you start thinking about your future with the love of your life, you won’t be able to stop smiling – and that smile will certainly light up the room.

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