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Even though it’s a popular belief that all girls dream about a big wedding with a big cake and a big dress, it isn’t always so. Sometimes, it’s about sharing such an intimate and happy moment with your closest friends and family, which is why a great number of couples decide to have a destination rather than a traditional wedding. If you’re planning a destination wedding yourself, we’re here to help you by pointing out what essentials you need to have and think about.

A beautiful isle and altar

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Depending on where your wedding is going to take place, you can make the place even more beautiful by working with nature, instead of against it. If you’re going to have a beach wedding, place a small canopy to protect you from the sun and use TIKI torches to light your way to the altar. The altar can be decorated with pieces of colorful sea glass and shells. For a garden, barn, or a forest wedding, lovely arches decorated with moss, fresh flowers, and colorful silk ribbons will make it look like you stepped into a fairy tale.

A stylish updo

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When you’re deciding on a hairstyle, it’s important to consider the elements. Any hairstylist will tell you that an updo is tried and true, and it will make you look sophisticated while still keeping your neck and shoulders free. When you’re having an outside wedding, you might want to leave the traditional long veil behind, and instead opt for something more natural such as a flower, or a special tiara. On a windy day, a long veil will be a nightmare for you as well as your photographer, but a flower crown or a tiara will look just as good in any weather.

Appropriate attire

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Because you aren’t going to have your wedding held in a traditional venue, you might as well skip tradition and improvise a bit with your outfit. You can start by skipping the big dress because it’s only going to make you uncomfortable when you walk down a grassy or sandy aisle. A lightweight fabric such as chiffon or charmeuse will make your gown flow in the ocean breeze, and instead of towering heels, pick good old comfortable women’s Birkenstock sandalsThese things aren’t conventional, but neither is your wedding, and the imperative here is for you to feel good on your big day.

A perfect tan

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Tan lines are great when you’re on a vacation (or you just came back from one), but they’re a big ‘no’ on your wedding day. If you’re going to be spending some time at the beach, you should always apply waterproof sunscreen to avoid sunburn and unwanted tan lines. These days, it’s all about strappy bikinis that look amazing while you’re wearing them but leave terrible tan lines, especially if you’re wearing a strapless dress or one with an open back.

A natural look

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Wearing minimal makeup and going with a natural look on your wedding day is a good decision, especially if you’re getting married on a beach. Meghan Markle is the perfect example how minimal makeup can easily be as gorgeous as a full face of makeup: she chose not to hide her freckles and wore very little makeup when she was getting married to a prince. In addition to saving some time on your big day, you won’t have to worry about your makeup being cakey or your foundation becoming runny because of the heat.

Guest favors

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Even though your big day is definitely about the two of you, you don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable. This is where you should get creative with guest favors – give them simple fans or turn your ceremony programs into ones, hand out towels, sunglasses, and bottles of sunscreen for protection, or perhaps small bottles of insect repellents.

Picturesque vacation spots are also wonderful for destination weddings, and if you’re thinking of having a truly memorable ceremony in a remote place, you should start preparing on time. Organizing a wedding is hard, and if you’re not well-prepared, you might end up making compromises you don’t actually want to make. This is the reason why you should start early – so your big day can be stress-free and remain forever the happiest day of your life.

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