Sashay Dance launched in July 2016 and quickly became national on their mission to give everyone something to dance about.  They specialise in fun dance classes for hen parties and ladies parties across the UK and recently made their first TV appearance on Don’t Tell The Bride on E4 teaching a hen party dance class in Leeds.

Sarah Hough, Director and Founder of Sashay Dance said ‘it’s been an amazing few years for Sashay Dance and when I found out that the hen party that had just booked was for Don’t Tell The Bride I was excited about the experience but a little apprehensive.  It really was time to ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ as they filmed the dance class.

It wouldn’t be Don’t Tell The Bride without a little bit of drama!  Nathan spent £2000 on the stag do and in typical Don’t Tell The Bride fashion 10% of that amount was spent on the hen party.  Nathan picked a Salsa dance class as Jenna enjoys dancing, however the venue he chose was a working mens club and the hens were hoping for something a bit more glam.  After arriving in stilettos with no transport arranged and no alcohol budget it wasn’t off to a very promising start.  This was until the hens started Salsa dancing and it turns out in Jenna’s interview that they had a good laugh, which really does say something for a hen do on Don’t Tell The Bride!

If I were to rate their Salsa dancing on Strictly I’d give it a ‘seveeeennnnn’ and if you want to know who I think should win Strictly it’s Ashley Roberts.  Overall though the hens did a fab job of the Salsa and I wish Nathan and Jenna an amazing life together.  It was also great to see Nathan and Jenna at the end of the show putting their Salsa moves to practice at the wedding.’  You can catch up on this episode on E4 by following this link.

About Sashay Dance

Sashay Dance specialise in fun dance classes for hen parties and ladies parties across the UK.  They have 15 groovy themes to choose from including Dirty Dancing, 80s, Charleston, Spice Girls and more.  All their classes are 2 left feet friendly and include venue hire, props for the class and the hen or main party lady goes free.  Their mission is to give everyone something to dance about and they hope that you’ll be next.

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