Smartphones are ubiquitous in today’s world. You literally cannot walk down the street without seeing someone on their phone whether they’re talking, texting or browsing an app or a website.

Phones have literally brought the Internet to our fingertips and made the world an even smaller place than it was previously; while this is all wonderful, there can of course be downsides. Privacy is a huge concern and some people are very wary about being tagged in photographs that they didn’t agree to which then appear on social media for everyone to see.

For weddings, the social media topic can be an issue for some brides and grooms. Some couples fear that elements of their wedding will appear on social media platforms without their prior agreement or knowledge and it becomes a control issue for them. What bride wants a poorly angled photograph of them on the biggest day of their life splashed all over Facebook or Instagram? Very few!

This infographic from the Sheraton Athlone Hotel is good snapshot of the whole issue surrounding social media and weddings. It includes some interesting statistics which might surprise you and it gives a useful checklist about dealing with social media at your wedding yourself. It also highlights some ideas if you do choose to embrace social media at your wedding celebration. Check it out below!


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