Richard Stansfield has worked for the Deckers Group for 12 years and is now the group marketing manager. He has years of experience of planning and organising weddings, as well as growing the group’s wedding offerings.

 He has just introduced a popular scheme at Pennine Manor called ‘Your Wedding, Your Way’, which enables couple to create their own personal wedding package. Below, Richard talks us through the benefits of planning your own wedding package. 

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, wedding venues across the UK will be dealing with an influx of enquiries from newly-engaged happy couples. Some couples will know exactly what they want straight away and others will be completely open to ideas.

The majority of hotels and wedding venues all offer a number of all-inclusive set wedding packages, with a number of price options. This is a fantastic option for people who want to know exactly how much they’re spending and want the hotel or wedding venue to organise their entire day.

However, there are also many couples who don’t have a huge budget and for various reasons, would like to organise parts of their special day themselves.

Perhaps they want a traditional, but small and intimate wedding? Perhaps they don’t have a huge budget, so want to pick and choose which parts are important to them? Perhaps they have a very particular theme and want to source items and suppliers themselves?

There are many reasons why some couples don’t want to go down the route of using an all-inclusive wedding package. Here I’ve outlined some of the benefits to talking to your wedding venue about being able to design your own wedding package.

Benefits to creating your own wedding package, such as ‘Your Wedding, Your Way’:

  1. You can use your own vendors

There are many couples who prefer to use their own wedding suppliers, for various reasons. When dealing with a hotel or wedding venue that is totally flexible on packages, this can work out really well.

By using your own suppliers, you can really tailor a wedding to make it much more unique to your or to fit a certain theme.

Often we find our happy couples already know someone who is a photographer, a cake maker or a florist, for example. In fact, many couples have a relative or a friend who would like to do the flowers, the photography or make the cake as a wedding gift to them.

  1. Design a really unique menu

There are many foodie couples who want to create their own wedding menu, because they have some dishes that are really special to them. Obviously this depends on what the individual hotel or restaurant kitchen can offer, but we always really enjoy working with clients to help them plan out a completely unique menu.

Our chefs will always happily sit down with couples to advise on what dishes will work for that season and what works best in catering for large groups. They can also advise on how to make the most of their budget and what works best for a seasonal menu.

  1. Change the timings of your day

We have worked with lots of couples who decide to design their own order for their wedding day. Some people choose to have their wedding ceremony later in the day, around 3pm, and then just have an evening buffet, saving them a lot of money on the wedding breakfast. In fact, some couples choose to have a family-only service and then plan a huge party for the next day, which is becoming more and more popular.

It’s important for couples to have complete flexibility when planning their wedding to make it truly special.

  1. Working with a restricted budget

Although all-inclusive packages at hotels are really great, they just don’t suit everyone and some couples are afraid of the cost. There are lots of people feel happier when they can  control their own budget and design the wedding themselves.

It’s always important for couples to work within the budget they have and speak to their wedding planner from the offset, as they will be able to make best use of what budget there is.

  1. Add a homemade element

Certain wedding themes really work well with a crafted or homemade element, which can make a day really personal and unique. Of course, this doesn’t work for every wedding, but it’s really nice when couples decide to get arty with their wedding because it makes their day truly individual to them.

With a design-your-own wedding package, this can be incorporated from the offset and enable the happy couple to include their own décor and theme for the celebration.


After having worked at Deckers Group wedding venues for 12 years in various roles, the best advice I can offer newly-engaged couples is to sit down with a wedding co-ordinator and see how they can help you visualise your perfect wedding.

It’s their job to be creative and offer their years of experience in what will work and what wouldn’t be as easy to create.


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