Have you ever wondered if in this liberated age it still makes good sense to be married, well the results of some new research might surprise you.

Obviously married couples have the increased tax benefits and this releases more money into the household in several ways, making married couples better off financially. Married men in general will earn more during their working lives and have more assets later in life compared to their single peers.

But as well as the financial benefits recent research has come up with new data that indicates that your social, psychological and emotional well-being are improved within marriage, especially if you are a man. For example, both men and women in a long and steady relationship are known to live longer than their single counterparts. Both men and women are more than 60% less likely to die from a heart attack and survival rates post diagnosis are higher. Men in particular seem to benefit from being in a happy relationship suffering less strokes and a reduced chance of terminal cancers and heart attacks. This is thought to be connected to the fact that they have a more responsible attitude to their health because of family responsibilities. Married people are also more likely to survive major surgeries and are more than 3 times more likely to survive 15 years or more after a large operation.

In general married men and women suffer less stress and are less likely to develop depression. A good social circle and a well developed life balance are probably contributing factors for this.

It is thought that the very fact of being married makes for a more sensible attitude to life and health in general, with married couples eating better and spending less time socialising where drinking and smoking might be encouraged.

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