The average wedding now costs an estimated £27,000 if they choose to hire a professional for all of the traditional elements involved in a wedding – yikes! With many choosing to shun the usual costs to keep the budget in check – it’s estimated that the total is likely to be closer to £16,842, which is still a hefty financial sum to pay when you just want to marry the man or woman of your dreams.
In fact, the rising costs are so much for some couples, that 35% wish they had budgeted more effectively for their big day, and a further four in ten wish the money they spent had been put towards a house deposit or into a retirement fund.

So, why are couples spending so much on tying the knot?
Well, Pinterest could be partly to blame. 70% of Pinterest users have a wedding-themed board, and if anything’s going to take a bride from bridechilla to bridezilla, then Pinterest is probably going to do the trick. With an abundance of pin-worthy images to add to a board, it’s easy to get swept up in creating a wedding which looks like it’s stepped off the pages of a wedding magazine and hopped on over to Pinterest.
There are a tonne of other unexpected wedding costs which are taking weddings from ‘small and intimate’ to ‘budget-busting extravaganzas’. We’ve rounded up some of the ways couples are spending more than they can afford and how you can keep your finances in check.

Bridal Party Invitations
Asking your closest friends and family to be your bridesmaid is no longer a simple affair. Brides are swapping a simple invitation for a lavish gift-giving ceremony which culminates in them asking the big question – ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’. Boxes filled with keepsakes, jewellery and even customised puzzles are some of the ways bridesmaids are being asked to fulfil their bridal duty.
Hen and Stag Parties
Hen and stag parties aren’t just a chance for good old-fashion knees up; they are now weekend-long jaunts to country abodes, cities or even abroad to celebrate the journey into married life. With the cost going from just a night out, to include travel, accommodation, gifts for the hen or stag, activity costs and much more!
The average cost of a hen-do is around £356 and up to £750 for attending a stag do – so it’s not just the couple’s costs which sky-rocket when it comes to a wedding.
A simple card is no longer the way to invite guests to your wedding, with invites first coming in the form of save-the-dates before a formal invitation is sent out. Whether they are made by hand, include personalised illustrations of the happy couple or are adorned with a keepsake – keeping invites in email form will often cost you nothing! If you are sending paper invites, then you’ll also need to consider the cost of postage.
Don’t forget you’ll also need to include seating charts, place cards, menus, direction signage, favour tags and any other stationary costs into your budget too!
Additional Supplier Fees
When receiving quotes from your wedding suppliers, you may find that some haven’t included VAT, overtime, service or cleaning charges in their initial fee – leading the cost to rise unexpectedly, and leaving you out of pocket!
If you’re bringing alcohol in from a supplier which isn’t your venues own stock, then you may be charged a corkage fee. While this can, of course, slash your costs if your venue is particularly pricey when it comes to drink, many couples forget to factor in the additional cost into their budget. You may even find that you are charged to cut and serve your wedding cake too.
Without careful planning, these additional costs (and those above are just the tip of the iceberg) can soon lead you wedding bill to have a few extra zeroes at the end of it!
The Wedding Cost Calculator is designed to help you budget for every wedding eventuality – looking at the venue, entertainment, hair and makeup, stationary costs and more – budgeting should become a lot simpler once you’ve answered each question. The average cost of each wedding element is then presented to you, allowing you to edit the cost if you’ve already received a quote! Budgeting for your wedding just became a whole lot easier.
Above all, remember what the day is truly about – marrying the love of your life.

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