Diamonds Really Are Forever…
REVEALED: the best ring to purchase for a long-lasting marriage
  • Research has looked into what the most successful ring type is
  • Platinum, round cut, diamond revealed as most successful
  • Over 30+ high-profile celebrity engagements were considered as part of the research and to help determine the ‘perfect’ ring
  • 42% of people would sell their ring after a breakup/divorce
  • 7% of thrifty fiancés in the UK admit that they would re-use the ring
  • Research can be viewed here, images are available for download here

 For those planning a proposal this summer, research has revealed you should opt for a platinum, round silver ring if you want your marriage to last longer than the 20 years mark.

This new research, by jewellers F.Hinds, analysed the ring type of over 30 high profile engagements to determine whether there was a correlation between the ring type and the longevity of the marriage/proposal, and it would appear there is!

From the success of the Obama’s marriage to the heartbreaking divorce of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, the research covered both the ‘relationship goals’ marriages, and the misfortunate celebrities that didn’t quite make it to the wooden (five year) milestone.

Breaking down the most successful metal, cut and stone, the data confirmed that if you don’t want to hire out any divorce lawyers, then the best ring options are the below:

Honesty appeared to be the best policy when it came to telling your partner that you don’t approve of a ring, with 50% of those surveyed not shying away from confessing if they disapproved of their partner’s ring taste.

Mancunians were the most brutal among Brits with almost ¾s confessing to a partner if they didn’t like the ring from their other half, despite the value or monumental elements. Other areas of the country that appeared high in their honesty approaches were:

When it comes to a separation or divorce, the study also went on to reveal what a person would do with the ring if they were going through a separation or divorce, with 7% of frugal Brits confessing that they would re-use their ring on their next partner!

Don’t expect to see the ring again however, as 42% admitted that they would sell the ring, and a further 36% deciding that they would keep it.

Not to mention the 15% who are currently thinking of ways in which they can destroy the ring!

Social Media Content Creator at F.Hinds, Emily Watkins said:

“Last year we saw divorce rates in the UK rising for the first time this decade, which got us thinking about the specific reasons behind a separation.

“Obviously we don’t want to put this entirely down to the ring type! But we wanted to conduct the experiment to see if there was any correlation between the chosen ring type, and the duration of the marriage.

“The most successful ring to come out of the research was based on a number of different successful and well-documented relationships including those of the Obama’s, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cindy Crawford.

“Whilst picking out the ring for your future partner should be done on taste and preference, we definitely think that picking out one of these rings will help impact a successful marriage”.

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