With thousands of stag and hen parties taking place every year, it is inevitable that some of them may be a bit of a disaster.

From brides falling into a fountain to the best man having a bust up with the groom, we’ve all heard of a bride or groom-to-be’s last night of freedom take a turn for the worse.

TeamSport, the leading indoor go-karting company and hen and stag party specialist, surveyed the UK to find the biggest disaster stories from attending a stag or hen party – with results revealing just how badly behaved we can be.
One in twenty respondents confessed they had attended a party in which the bride or groom-to-be has woken up with more than a hangover on the morning after the night before, after celebrating their upcoming nuptials with a tattoo.
Seemingly taking tips from the plot of The Hangover films, 7% of those polled said important event attendees like the father-of-the-bride have also ended up getting lost at the event.

The bridesmaids or groomsmen have fallen out at one of ten (10%) parties and one in twenty (5%) admitted that a party they’ve attended has ended up with a member of the group getting arrested. Survey respondents were also asked to recount their strangest stories, revealing interesting results:

The top five hen or stag disaster stories

  1. The bride-to-be ending up drunk and in bed with her husband-to-be’s father – cringe!
  2. The drunken groom-to-be admitted to his stag party that he actually prefered members of the same sex.
  3. As the chief bridesmaid I had to try and find the missing bride, who I discovered in bed with a male workmate of hers.
  4. The bride-to-be got a fake tattoo on her bum while she was drunk. The next day she got up and her mum saw the tattoo and got so angry that she ripped the bride’s wedding dress. She was forced to buy a dress ASAP when she found out that the tattoo was fake.
  5. The bride thought that a police officer was a stripper and tried to take his uniform off.

Dom Gaynor, Managing Director at TeamSport, said: “A hen or stag party should be the chance to celebrate your last night of freedom with your closest mates. There should always be interesting tales recount on the way home, but it’s important to make sure everyone makes it back in one piece and has had a good time!

“Alcohol seems to play a huge part in evenings taking a turn for the worst, so planning an activity which allows event attendees to bond and get to know one another is a good alternative to a booze-heavy day. An alternative, adrenaline-based stag or hen party, such as go-karting, will mean the only argument taking place is who is taking the title of the fastest on the track!

“Group activities are always a great choice to kick off a stag do or hen party. Go-karting can go ahead whatever the weather, and track sessions give people a chance to let loose and enjoy the party atmosphere in an indoor environment where everyone can be under one roof and accounted for!”

Find out more about the UK’s biggest stag and hen disasters here: https://www.team-sport.co.uk/bruces-blog/biggest-hen-and-stag-party-horror-stories/

Further hen or stag disaster stories

  • A friend who was a part-time fireman was left tied to a lamp post with handcuffs on and only wearing boxer shorts. He was left there for over an hour before the best man took pity on him.
  • The groom woke up with no eyebrows a week before his wedding.
  • On my own hen party, my ex turned up and proposed to me. I just laughed and said “in your dreams” and one of my party then promptly puked up all over his shoes.
  • The bride-to-be was dressed up as a mermaid but because it was tight round the legs they just had to wobble around town like a penguin the whole evening.
  • The mother of the bride drunk too much and started kissing all the waiters and insisting they danced with her.

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