Celebration Ceremonies following a formal marriage at a Registry Office are now very popular.  Similar to the weddings on the Continent a couple have to carry out the legal marriage part of the ceremony at a Registry Office.  Each Registry Office have to provide the facility to offer a simple marriage at the cost of around £50.  There is no need to use a Ceremony Room in the Registry Office and the marriage takes place at the Registrars Desk with two witnesses.

Following the Registry Office requirement a ‘Celebration of Wedding’ can take place in any place and at any time.  A Civil Celebrant will write and conduct a unique ceremony for you to share your wedding with your guests.  There are a number of Associations supporting Celebrants.  It is important that a couple choose a Celebrant who is experienced and a member of a recognised association, more importantly that they have insurance to cover both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of their insurance certificate.

Wedding Celebrations can be held on beaches, in pubs, clubs, restaurants and even on farmers fields.  Using a Celebrant also allows more flexibility with the words in a ceremony,  the use of hymns and prayers are permitted.

Celebrants also conduct Renewal of Vows Ceremonies and ceremonies when a couple have married abroad and not been able to take all their friends and family.  Even more important are those occasions when the Registry office are unable to conduct a wedding because they are not able to attend a licensed venue at the time the couple wish to hold their wedding.  In these cases a Celebrant can save the day by conducting a celebration ceremony.

In cases where a couple cannot legally marry for one reason or another a Celebrant will also write and conduct a ‘Commitment Ceremony’  for the couple.

All ceremonies are ‘bespoke’ to the couple.  They often include a ‘Love Story’ so that all the guests know about the couple, how they met and what they like doing together.

 For useful information contact www.independentcelebrants.com

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