Consider the look and feel you want to achieve. Scrap-booking and Pinterest Boards are great ways to get creative juices flowing. This helps the suppliers also envision your Dream day.

Do your research on suppliers. Make sure you feel comfortable with them and that they are going to deliver what your wanting to achieve (always check reviews).

Keep budgets in mind

Pinterest is great to gather ideas, but be aware that to recreate the ideas, it can be quite costly. Bare this in mind.

Hiring items from suppliers is a great idea, especially if large props are involved. These items may only be used once on the day and you’ll have no use for them afterwards. So, Hiring can be a cheaper option.

Colour Scheme

Decide on a Colour Scheme and incorporate that in to all your styling, suppliers can help execute this, to create a seamless look and finish from table linens to Flowers. Don’t restrict yourself on colours, choose a range of tones that tie in together, allowing more flexibility when styling. Consider ways you can utilise features, such as, fireplaces, beams and windows. Your supplier can check with the venue and make suggestions on how to do this in the most stylish way.


Lighting has a positive impact on your styling, it can transform a venue by enhancing a display, highlighting a feature or setting a mood and ambience.

Lighting can create a warm, romantic setting. Fairy Lights are great for outdoor weddings along with candles, to set the scene when the sun goes down.


Styling starts by writing down those key priorities and letting everything else evolve and develop over time. Let your suppliers guide you and allow yourself to change your mind as you get clearer on your vision.

Many thanks to Vickie at Spectacular Scenes for this article





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