For some grooms, getting set for the big day might require a bit of toughening up and are giving millennial nearly-weds the chance test their mettle on an extreme Ninja Warrior assault course.

Much like the TV show and forming the cornerstone of a brilliant stag weekend, adventure seeking bridegrooms will come up against (and possibly come a’cropper on) some big obstacles and tests of dering do that will turn them from be-suited bags of nerves to modern day Milk Tray men.

The course works in stages from ‘Tame’, to ‘Tough’ to the hangover crushing ‘Insane’ stage. The wannabe action men must complete each stage before tackling the next. It’s quite possible not all the groomsmen will go the distance.

The course is littered with hard hitting obstacles including;

Pipe Scramble

Rope Climb

Monkey Cling

Step Up

Reverse Dyno

Target Practise

Spinning Log

Monkey Bars

Leap of Faith

Balance Bridge

An even tougher test than tying the knot this is one extreme stag weekend for guys looking for a fun packed challenge away from the stresses of wedding stationary, seating plans and bridesmaid dresses (what colour is “Cerise” anyway?!?).’s Sales Manager Matt Lay said “Grooms and their stags are constantly looking for bigger and more extreme challenges and they really don’t come much bigger than this. It’s more extreme than one of Chris Kamara’s shirts!”.

You can learn more about the Ninja Warrior Assault Course here!

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