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Summer is here, and you probably already know that an abundance of wedding invitations are headed towards your mailbox, or at least your email. Now, the first concern future wedding guests have is the attire choice, which we all know can be tricky, especially if the dress code isn’t stated on the invitation. However, the only thing more nerve-racking than choosing the right outfit is picking the right gift. Yes, wedding gifts are important. They show how well you know the couple, how well you know their needs, and even how much you care for them. There are many routes to take, from frugal yet classy, ostentatious, and sentimental, to practical. So, in case you have no idea what to get for your favorite couple who’s tying the knot soon, and they haven’t given you a helping hand by registering for gifts, we are here to save you with incredible gift ideas that every couple will love, cherish, and perhaps even get a lot of use of, so let’s dive in and start shopping.

Starting from scratch

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If the couple in question hasn’t already made their home, meaning that they aren’t already set with all the kitchen supplies, this is your chance to give them something essential; something they will definitely get plenty of use of. One great present idea is a mixer – every household needs one, even those where cooking doesn’t happen very often. Now, if you have a deeper knowledge of the couple and their taste when it comes to interior design and the ‘theme’ of their kitchen, you can add a personal touch by buying them a retro-looking mixer, or perhaps a sleek modern one. Believe us, a mixer isn’t just a mixer, and the right kind shows that you have a practical but also creative side to you when it comes to gift-giving. Other ‘utilitarian’ choices can be a blender, a juicer (especially if you know they’re health nuts who love their super-healthy smoothies). Also, an iron is always a good idea as no one wants to go out looking all crumpled.

The entertainers

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There are those couples who simply live to entertain and whose home is always filled with people. They throw dinner parties for no particular reason – just because they love being with people and cooking for them. What these lovebirds need is a super chic and modern plate or tea and coffee set, and when it comes to items like these, very few can match the gorgeous designs and the quality that Wedgwood offers. Their assortment is so versatile that you will find something to cater to any couple’s taste, from white and glamorous to modern and minimalistic.

The décor enthusiasts

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OK, if the couple has all the kitchen essentials, this gives you more room to play and be creative, especially if their new home is lacking in the décor department. One great option is a painting – nothing better to spice up those blank walls and bring a little life to a room. If you can’t afford a painting, a meaningful print –like for instance one of those custom star maps – would be a wonderful gift loaded with meaning. You could choose a significant date in their relationship if you know them well, and if not, you can choose the day of their wedding. This is definitely one of those gifts that will be a real tear-jerker.

The globe-trotters

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The couple who can’t be in one place for a long time and always craves adventure deserves great luggage. Now, this may seem like a very practical and not at all sentimental choice, but for this type of couple, a suitcase is the ultimate gift. They will be able to go everywhere with high-quality luggage, and the best part is – they will think of you every time they pack before they set sail to a new destination.

Lush life

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The people who say that all bedding is the same simply don’t know good bedding. The newlyweds deserve to wake up enveloped in the most luscious sheets, pillowcases, and covers; if you’re ready to splurge on your favorite couple, you will get them something along the lines of Frette or Peacock Alley. Yes, every newly married couple deserves that five-star snooze, and this gift will be highly appreciated. Highly.

Yes, you could go with wine glasses, cookbooks, or even token gifts like matching aprons, or a nice vase. However, if you want to walk the extra mile and show just how much you love them, and how much you want to celebrate their love, you will put an extra thought (and perhaps even extra funds) into a gift that is going to last for a lifetime.

Many thanks to Claire Hastings, Author of Ripped.Me for this article

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