Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and should be crystallised in a video that captures the essence of your special day.

So, how do you best go about working with a videographer to create that perfect video?

The ideal video will be able to showcase the passion you and your partner have for each other as well as your guests enjoying themselves and interacting.

Here are some tips to help you plan the ideal wedding video for your big day:

Research, Research, Research

There are so many great wedding blogs out there showcasing the best wedding videos from around the world.

Although you will want your wedding video to be unique it will help your chosen videographer greatly if you can show them some examples of videos you like.

Some attentive brides will even go as far as storyboarding their video, but it’s probably best to leave that to the professionals, you’ll have the chance to suggest edits after!

Find a Theme

Ideally you will want to consider your wedding theme and incorporate elements of it into your video. For example, if you have chosen a Winter Wonderland Wedding, then let your videographer know you’d like to focus on shots of snow or perhaps the snowflake on the table decorations. Showing this theme will help create a sense of continuity for you as well as for family and friends reliving the day through the video.

There is also the style of the video itself to consider. Whereas a wedding video used to be quite a standard recap of events, there are now several different types that can give your day a completely look and feel.

Do you want your video to have a cinematic style? With dramatic aerial shots, innovative use of lighting and other state-of-the-art camera shots, a cinematic wedding video will have your big day looking like the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Alternatively, you my opt for more of a documentary style to capture the authenticity of your big day with lots of close-ups and real snippets of the speeches.

Plan the Video Into your Day

The best videos are part of a seamless wedding plan, as this helps the videographers anticipate shots that capture the most important moments.

If your day is planned well, the videographers will fit in with your plans and you will look and feel much more relaxed in those precious moments.

Find the Ideal Song

One of the most enjoyable aspects of getting that perfect wedding video is finding a song which captures the love you have for each other.

Think about the tempo and how the lyrics may fit with the images: anything too slow may not fit with the shots of the wedding reception; whilst something too upbeat may not convey the importance of the ceremony.

Make sure you get the opinion of your videographer as it may be a certain song doesn’t fit the length or how the video is edited.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

The most important point of all! Once you have planned everything for the big day, all you can do is simply enjoy it.

By relaxing and enjoying yourself, your partner and interacting with friends and family, your love and happiness will shine through on the video. A relaxed couple makes the videographer’s job a whole lot easier as well as helping you get that perfect wedding video you’ve always dreamed of!

This article was submitted by Justina Frankowska, founder at HD Moments Wedding Videography.

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