Until fairly recently, the application tricks of ‘contouring’ make-up were secret, locked in the minds of professional make-up artists. Then came the revolution, as the astounding effects of effective highlighting and shading (and how to do it!) were exposed. Now, women seek to find ways to create the ‘perfect’ face shape through make-up application. Along with it came an influx of products into the beauty industry, which promise to do just that.

My use of quotation marks around the word perfect is deliberate.  I personally am of the opinion that one face shape is no more ‘perfect’ than another.  What I do believe is that certain facial features can be accentuated through contouring, and in particular, through highlighting.

Contouring is an art, and admittedly, we could all spend an hour or so applying our make-up in the morning. Yet, in reality we maybe have 10-15 minutes to spare. So, where to turn when you need a quick fix to create killer cheekbones?

There are a few different types of highlighter available on the market, being cream, powder and liquid.  My particular favourite, and a staple in my professional kit, is The Balm Mary Lou Manizer.  This is a gorgeous honey-hued highlighter and works effectively on many skin tones.  It is well pigmented and works wonders for creating that gorgeous glow.

Highlighters are essential products for creating the fresh, dewy bridal look that is currently on trend and combined with the use of blusher and bronzer, they can help to really define the cheekbones.

Many thanks to Jenny Green for this article, image courtesy of Lindsey Robinson



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