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Most couples today are rejecting formality and the cookie-cutter black-tie idea of perfect weddings. Weddings are increasingly becoming a reflection of the couple’s personal, both fashion and lifestyle, which is exactly why bohemian is becoming one of the most coveted wedding themes, particularly in the spring and summertime, when you can actually organize and realize them according to your specific vision and without making compromises. So, if a boho wedding is on your vision board, stay with us as we guide you through all the elements that result in a perfect wedding that exudes that free-spirited vibe.

The invitation

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It’s crucial that you set the tone of your wedding and let the guests in on the type of event this is going to be. There are tons of options for wonderful rustic invitations – including using recycled brown paper, and even little bags instead of envelopes. If you’re feeling super creative, add a feather or a small dream catcher into the bag as this will make for a super original touch. Of course, always state the dress code – you will make it a whole lot easier on your guests if you do.

The ceremony

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Instead of the perfect arch, go with something more natural and earthy. Think in terms of the perfectly imperfect semi-rustic arch with plenty of raw and unpolished wood, branches and unconventional flowers that look like they’re just haphazardly put together. You can take it a step further and even create a tent-looking arch, which is extremely romantic and embodies the idea of boho-chic. The best part is, with a bit of creativity and skill, you can make the arch yourself and not have to resort to a wedding planner. The chairs can be simple white wooden ones, or even left in the color of the wood for an even more earthy effect.

The reception

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The same simple wooden chairs are an impeccable choice for the reception as well. The china can be kept simple or graced with subtle floral patterns, and you can add a touch of French chic with stemless wine glasses – jars are already a tad passé.  Don’t try to keep things overly ‘clean and white’ – use beige or champagne colored linen table cloths (for the rustic feel). Little crystal vases in geometric shapes and unusual flowers are the way to go when it comes to centerpieces, and for decoration, you can have yellow or orange flowers hanging from the ceiling. It will give the space an additional dose of vibrancy, and if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, simple strings of twinkly lights and little vases with baby’s breath here and there will be more than enough. You can have a little wish tree instead of a traditional guest book. People can grab a card from the tree and write their wishes, which you can then frame or place in a gorgeous rustic box and cherish forever.

The looks

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Thanks to the soaring of the bohemian wedding trend, there are now tons of options for a low-key bride who doesn’t want a gemstone encrusted ball gown. You can get married in a simple white dress that features only a touch of lace here and there. You can go with a tea-length dress and add just a flower or an entire flower crown if that represents your style persona. Long, V-neck dresses with balloon sleeves are a complete boho dream. It’s hard to choose among all the gorgeous dresses, but luckily, every bride has a certain idea, so one of these styles are bound to inspire her.

The guests

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This is a casual, bohemian event, so dress accordingly. There are incredible maxi dresses that give you those goddess vibes and plenty of movement. There are floral skater dresses, cute playsuits, and even bohemian slip dresses that you can style up further with a gorgeous crochet kimono. You can even go with a trendy pair of culottes and a strappy silk shirt paired with wedges and a round Raffia bag. The guys can wear ‘back in style’ Hawaiian shirts or keep things a tad more subdued and go for earth-toned shirts and chinos with cute loafers.

The groom

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Last, but certainly not least is the groom, as there will be plenty of eyes on him as well. If as a groom you still want to honor tradition and tie the knot in a suit, it’s best to go with something in a lighter hue, such as light blue or cream. If on the other hand, you want to steer clear of conventional suits altogether, a pair of beige trousers matched with a pale denim shirt is the perfect (boho) way to go. If you have a thing for suspenders, definitely put those on as well.

Many thanks to Claire Hastings for this article

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