As your start wedding planning, there are many decisions to make, to have the wedding of your dreams! Everything from the date to the venue and theme should be the perfect fit for you as a couple. More and more, couples are deciding to exchange their vows and give themselves to marriage in the comfort of their own backyard! What’s more romantic than that?

Whether it’s under a big oak tree, next to your gorgeous pool or below an adorned arch, there are many ways to make a backyard wedding both charming and romantic. It’s not only intimate, but perfect if you’re looking to share the day with a small group of your loved ones. Depending on the size of your backyard, you have complete freedom to transform it into a beautiful celebration! Throwing a backyard wedding bash can help you save on expensive venue costs. You also won’t have the rules that may come with an event venue.

An arch is an important part to your ceremony. It provides a beautiful focal point for pictures and for your family and friends to admire. A wood structure or simple frame can give perspective to your backyard and you as a couple, standing beneath it. It’s also easy to decorate. Whether you go for a relaxed and natural wedding or a whimsical affair, carefully select your florals and decor. Anything from string lights to mason jars can add a romantic touch.

Be sure your wedding arch matches your personality as a couple, what you love to do and the feeling you want to evoke on your special day. From the wedding invites to the desserts, your theme should carry throughout the entire process. To help you narrow down and decide on an arch that’s perfect for you, Wayfair put together 8 backyard wedding arch ideas, that are sure to inspire:


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