As an excited bride-to-be, there’s no doubt you’ve been planning your big day since your other half proposed and imagining it for even longer than that! But as your wedding day creeps ever closer, you might want to start thinking about how you’re going to hold on to those special memories of the day you said ‘I do’.

Whether it’s opting for a professional photographer or asking a friend to capture the big day on camera, brides can transform photographs from their wedding day into timeless wedding photo albums they’ll treasure forever.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of our 5 favourite must-have wedding snaps every bride should induct into their album.

The trip down the aisle

For many brides-to-be, walking down the aisle can be the most nervewracking part of the day. If you’re keeping with tradition, this will be the first time most of your guests have seen your wedding dress – and everyone will be excited about the ‘big reveal’. From a picture of your gorgeous gown to a shot of your anxious partner to an emotional snap of your teary guests, this is the moment your photographer has been waiting for – and they won’t want to miss a thing.

Capturing ‘I do’

As you commence your nuptials, all eyes will be on you and your betrothed – and when the emotions take over, it will be easy to get lost in the moment. Months of excitement, anticipation and nerves have built up to those wedding bands being slipped onto your fingers – and a well-timed photograph of you tying the knot is guaranteed to make you both teary, even years after the big day.

The iconic first dance

Guaranteed to make your parents and in-laws emotional, the first dance is always a huge topic of discussion – with the choice of song provoking particular interest. Whether you’re keeping it classic with a traditional wedding waltz or surprising your guests with a pre-planned performance, make sure your photographer is in the know – as your first dance is a moment you won’t want to forget. Drag your guests onto the dancefloor and use this opportunity to get some snaps of all of you relaxing and having fun.

Cutting the cake

When it comes to cutting the cake, whether it’s feeding each other a slice or striking a comedic pose, you and your bride or groom-to-be will welcome a few snaps of the memorable moment. Once the big day is over, select your favourite images and include them in your wedding album – that way, you can enjoy them all over again as you tuck into the top tier of your cake on your first anniversary.

Everyone say ‘cheese’

If your wedding day has been everything you dreamed of, your face should be aching from smiling and laughing so much – but prepare to get your grin out one more time for a pose with all of your guests. Choose a spot which allows all of your guests to fit into one photograph – your photographer will probably take the lead here – and capture the perfect picture surrounded by your friends and family.

After months of tireless planning and preparation, your wedding day will pass you by in the blink of an eye – so why not make sure you can relive every moment through a selection of stunning snaps? Have your personal photographs transformed into a unique wedding album that allows you to hold onto a visual storybook of your big day, which you can enjoy time and time again.

Bio: Tori Atkinson is a photography blogger for Digitalab – providing bespoke wedding album printing to customers throughout the UK. Digitalab uses state-of-the-art printing equipment to offer exceptional photo printing services at affordable prices.

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