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Getting married is one of the most important events in the life of every person, and of course, we all want everything to be perfect. This means careful planning, paying attention to every detail, focusing on what you love most, but also keeping an eye on the current trends. If you’re planning your wedding and would like to know what’s popular and ‘hot’ in the bridal section, we give you a list of the most popular bridal trends for 2018.

High-low hemline

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The trend that shyly emerged last year is taking over runways and it seems as if it will take over wedding venues too: high-low hemline! These hemlines allow you to go ‘wild’ and wear a dress that will show off your legs above your knees, or you could pick a simpler one with a hemline that’s just to your mid-calf. Whatever you choose, make sure you have killer shoes since all your guests will be able to see them (which might as well be the point of a high-low hemline to begin with).

Lace Everywhere

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It seems like this year lace is taking over: lace wedding dresses are incredibly popular. If you’re not sure about the dress style, lace is your best choice because you can make the dress as simple or as glamorous as you want by picking different kinds of lace. You can easily find elegant lace bridal dresses online or you can pick the lace yourself a.nd have a professional tailor make a dress just for you. Silk, delicate, sheer, embroidered with tiny crystals and pearls… Look for the lace you will fall in love with and make your dream dress.

All eyes on my shoulders


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For brides who aren’t afraid to step outside the ‘norms’ and wear something daring, this year’s trend of stand-alone sleeves is the perfect choice. These sleeves resemble ordinary arm warmers which aren’t always attached to the gown itself, but completely independent. They can be big and puffy, like something worn by Giselle in Enchanted or slim, flowy, embroidered and perfect for a boho princess.

Black details

Those who are in love with the gothic style will be happy to know that black is slowly becoming more prominent on wedding dresses. While some brides don’t even think of wearing anything black on their wedding day, trends change, and it looks like black accents on white dresses are the new ‘thing’. Black bows, black ostrich feathers, black hemlines on veils as well as embroidered black details on lace all make a powerful statement without making the dress look too ‘dark’.

Crazy about bows

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Bows were popular back in the eighties, but this year, they are making a comeback and they look a bit different than they used to. No longer stiff and difficult to wear, big bows tied around the bride’s waist, resting peacefully above their butts, and emphasizing the shape of their body is what made designers turn to bows again. They can even be left undone or be ornamental, made of silk or delicate tulle, and they will certainly make any bride look and feel like a princess. You don’t have to wear bows around your waist if that’s too much, you can have two smaller bows on your shoulders and use the ends of the fabric as the imitation of sleeves if that’s more to your liking.

Knowing what’s trending is a good thing, but changing your plans and adjusting all your plans and ideas just so they would be considered modern isn’t such a good idea. Trends come and go, they change all the time, and it’s virtually impossible to keep up. This is why it’s best to see them as guidelines rather than strict rules you should follow.

Many thanks to Claire Hastings for this article.

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