We all know that the most important thing on every wedding is and always will be her Highness, The Dress. However, what stands next to it matters almost as much as the dress. Unless your best men is going to be Barney Stinson, you will need some help to ’’suit up’’! Here are some tips you can find to be useful for your big day.

Getting comfortable

This is the most important day of your life so far. Among plenty of other feelings, there will be no room for feeling uncomfortable. Try to go as simple as you can. Avoid every possible source of itching or tightening, like hard collar bars, too tight bows and ties. The shirt is playing the most important role in your commodity. Skip satin, polyester and other plastic fabrics and go for a pure leisurely cotton shirt with buttons. For hot summer days, choose a three-button linen jacket that you can unbutton if needed. If it’s a winter date, go for a cashmere or velvet options.

The colour

The best way to make sure your suit will match The Dress is to wait for your bride to make her decision and then adjust to her choice. It’s the day you formally become a pair, so you should definitely make a clear visual impression of one. Depending on the wedding style, choose between midnight blue, pale blue or some warmer tones, like dark brown and burgundy. Consider the wedding bouquet colour too. Wouldn’t it look nice to match or contrast the flowers in a certain way?

Unique and tasteful design

If it doesn’t fit, it’s not a hit. Three-pieces are effortlessly stylish and contemporary, but it is almost impossible to match all three pieces perfectly by size. The jacket needs to be tight enough to look sharp, but loose enough to feel good in it. Waistcoat, if wrong-sized, can make your body look disproportional. Three-piece or not, consider hiring a tailor. All the boutiques claim they have all the stuff you need, but what you actually need for the occasion is the full attention of a professional who listens to your wishes, looks into all the fragments and advises you based on their experience and lifetime practice. They are dedicated to resolving all sorts of issues and they will help you resolve any doubts. Ask your way around and find some of the best custom suits in Sydney. They may not be above-mentioned Barney Stinson, but you are gonna look legen – wait for it – dary!

It’s all in details

The suit is the central part of your outfit, but the power lays in details. Subtle match between your socks and your tie, while contrasting a pocket square will generate a great deal of attention. Cufflinks are a small piece of material, but they have a great effect on your looks. Get creative on them, while they represent your character and creativity. Whether it’s some fun and simple pair, or some vintage option, they do matter, don’t get fooled by the size. Not to mention that you should make a link between a belt and shoes in style, colour and the material. However, no need to pay attention to all of the details at once. Pick one or two combinations that match and ease the rest into your outfit. It will all fall into each other and fit like a glove.

A wedding day is a day to be remembered. Not just the party, or the band, or the food. Not that all of mentioned doesn’t matter – oh, it does – but, some things are more important. You, the groom, and your beloved soulmate, the bride. Looks don’t make a man, but they do tell a story about one. Also, do your future selves a favour – dress up in a way that, years, or even decades after The Day, you will still look at your Polaroid or Facebook photos and say – damn it, we were, are and will be the prettiest couple of all times!

Many thanks to Helen Bradford for this article

Photos from Unsplash

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