Weddings are those special moments we want to be beautiful and dreamy. Some of us planned it for a long time, some just got caught in the moment, but we all want to turn it into a cherished event for all. That’s why the venue is carefully chosen and planned beforehand. And there’s nothing more unique than having the wedding at home. Usually, the venue is a beautiful childhood home full of wonderful memories, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’s your own house.

Whatever the case may be, turning it from a residential place into a wedding venue takes patience and time, two things the happy couple doesn’t have in abundance. So here are some tips on how to accomplish all in time and with minimum stress.

Prepare the plan

Big events like weddings can’t be arranged without a clear and detailed plan. So before you start organising the wedding, buy the special moleskin, prepare your favourite pen and together with your partner start writing down your wishes and expectations. Include everything, from flower arrangements to the colour of the reception chairs. The more detailed list you make, the better you can prepare the wedding. This plan will help you choose the florist, catering service, prepare the venue and be in line with all other necessary tasks for your dream wedding.

It’s not a one-person show

If you think you can do it all by yourself, you’re wrong. Weddings at home are a special treat when it comes to organising since you have to turn a residence into the event location. So ask for help, and the more people you include the merrier. If you divide errands and tasks among several people you won’t exhaust them and there’s more chance to get everything done in time. You can also hire a professional, the so-called wedding planner or organiser to take care of everything for you and relieve you from organisation-related stress.

Greenery arrangements

A wedding without flowers is unimaginable, but a wedding with overgrown plants is unacceptable. This means that surfaces under greenery like the backyard and garden must be designed and maintained well before the wedding, sometimes even months. And if anything goes wrong and the plants wither and die, you can buy potted ones from the nursery garden. Growing your own greenery arrangements is cheaper and doesn’t require too much work, besides regular watering and trimming, but the results stay with your house and can be a beautiful memory.

Have a plan B

Most people believe that having a backup plan is necessary for every item in your wedding plan, and although it wouldn’t be a bad thing to prepare a Plan B, it would double the trouble, so to speak. So, choose only the items most important for your wedding and make a contingency plan. This means that if you plan to say “I do” outside, make sure to be able to change the location quickly if the weather changes for the worse. If you don’t want to ruin your dress, then have a change of clothes for later, as well as shoes, since high heels can spoil the fun.

Create the perfect place to say your vows

The very place where you’ll officially get married needs to be decorated and prepared from top to bottom. This means that you have to make room for the guests and designate the perfect spot to stand and say your vows. If there’s not enough space for all the guests, consider calling only the closest family members and friends to the procession and the rest for the reception afterwards. The last thing you need is a group of dissatisfied guests, or an accident because too many people attended.

Rent everything you can

The best way to make sure that nothing will be broken or destroyed, or that something might go wrong with the food or beverages, is to rent everything. Hire a catering service and waiters to make sure that everyone has access to warm and fresh food. When it comes to furniture, put yours in one of the cheap storage offers and then rent chairs, tables, dinnerware, linens and even napkins. Also, consider renting a tent to provide protection from the wind and sun to your guests if you plan to have a reception in your backyard.

Make sure you have all the permits

Unfortunately, getting married doesn’t protect you from bureaucracy, so make sure you have all the necessary permits from the appropriate authorities allowing you to hold a wedding in your home. Also, make sure that your neighbours are informed of possible noise and crowd, so you don’t have to deal with police on your special day.

In the end

Weddings are meant to be emotional and special. And there is nothing more personal than having a wedding at home. Although it looks hard to organise and stressful to manage in time, remember that you can always ask for help, hire a wedding organiser or keep it as simple as possible. In the end, it’s all worth it when you finally say “I do” in front of the people you care for the most.


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