Bali weddings are on the rise among Australian couples – it is a magical place in the world, simply perfect for tying the knot and making unforgettable memories.

But planning a wedding is always a challenge, especially if you are trying to do it in a foreign country. It’s natural that you would look for help from somebody going through the same experience. Luckily, my sister is already well deep in her wedding plans in Bali and she has already gathered useful information firsthand on what to keep in mind.

1. The season is highly important

One of the big reasons Australian couples choose Bali for their wedding ceremony is the astounding nature they can enjoy, so you need to know when the right time to set the date is. To get most of the warm weather, it’s best to have the ceremony somewhere between May and October – that’s when it’s the best chance you’ll avoid wet weather.

In case you really have to hold the ceremony on a date outside this period, there are ballroom wedding receptions at some hotels that will take away the worries about the rain. Or you can go Bali all the way and hire a “pemangku” – a traditional priest that makes the rain go away or makes it not rain if you really want to have the ceremony outside! Some of these priests are even willing to give you 50% off in case they don’t prevent the rain.

2. Alcohol regulations are specific

Holding a wedding ceremony also means ordering a lot of booze. Before you get carried away, know this – alcohol is heavily taxed in Indonesia, so you need to be prepared for prices lot higher than you would expect them to be in Australia, trust me.

The price range per guest will depend on what time you will allow the booze to flow and how freely you want it to flow. My sister is planning to limit the free flow of beer and wines, but the guests will have to pay for cocktails, champagne, and hard liquor. Do you want to know why? Well, even with this economic approach with limited alcohol selection, it is still going to cost her almost 60 dollars per guest. In case you want top class food and a free flow of drinks (imported liquor included) from late afternoon till midnight, be ready to pay up to 200 dollars per guest.

3. Elopement – just the two of you?

The thing with Bali wedding is that you probably want a smaller number of people, but where to draw the line? Maybe the two of you want to elope completely on your own, with just a priest performing the ceremony. Sometimes it depends on where exactly you want to get married.

Whether you want a white sandy beach or a secluded one with black sand, you will be able to have your romantic moment, but not completely, as not one beach on Bali is a private one, nor can it be. Still, there are some options that can provide you a high degree of privacy on a beach, but, as my sister came to realize, it’s one of the things she just couldn’t do on her own – overall, it was far easier for her to find wedding planners in Bali who could deal with things directly and make certain things work even though my sister thought couldn’t be done.

If you are considering a villa, Bali has some truly spectacular ones that can accommodate more than 10 people. It’s a perfect place if you want your closest ones to be with you on your special day, and these villas come at low prices. Even if you choose to be just the two of you, a villa with a small garden will be more than enough – and you get to stay there on your honeymoon! Is there a better place for your honeymoon that this magical place? Just make sure you have your wedding planners to make a list of villas for the ceremony and the honeymoon, so you don’t get disappointed with the villa you chose on your own.

In case you want a big wedding, then a chapel is the best choice – it has enough space and the price will stay the same whether it’s only you two or 30 people. There are over 20 wedding chapels in Bali; you just need to find the one ideal for you.

Bottom line

Of course, there are other challenges along the way when planning a wedding, but I hope this made things clearer about what to be especially careful about if it’s Bali that you want. Now just enjoy the process!

Many thanks to Lena Hemsworth for this article. Twitter: @lena_hamsworth

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