The more and more popular way to say “I Do” is anywhere else but in the usual venues, like the Register Office, church or your home. These destination weddings don’t have to be expensive or fancy, but if you want to you can have the most luxurious one even far away from home.

There are many possibilities for this type of weddings. You and your spouse to be can travel away to some secluded place, or get married on top of the tallest building. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

1.      Beach weddings

If anything, the best reason to say goodbye to heels is having a beach wedding. Besides glorious white sand beaches of Bali or on the tidal island of Uyea in Scotland, you can have a wedding on the black sand beach like Vik in Iceland.

Maldives’ beach is truly a remarkable sight, especially if you get married at night. That is the time when bioluminescent phytoplanktons shine and light up the beach like stars in the sky. Grass Beach in French Guiana will sure give a new and original appeal to the wedding by the sea since instead of sand it has grass.

The best thing about these beaches is that you don’t need any additional scenery added since they’re enough on their own. This is true for the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas, and brides wanting something more sophisticated can find it right here on the corals washed by the sea.

2.      Mountain weddings

The one thing you will surely have in mountain wedding is the beautiful view of the landscapes surrounding your venue. Aspen in US state of Colorado is the gorgeous site for those who want something rustic and luxurious.

On the other hand, French Alps offer something elegant and sophisticated to experience. Get married in the Chamonix Valley at the foot of Mont Blanc and enjoy the fresh air with a glass of the finest French wines.

Brazil’s Sugarloaf Mountain is the famous tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro, but it’s no wonder. The look on the city and its surrounding scenery makes it an ideal wedding venue for those who want to turn it into an adventure.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is Africa’s highest peak which inspired Hemingway’s short story and later a movie The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

3.      Nature weddings

Nature has always been an attractive addition to the weddings, from flowers to many creative plant decorations. Instead of bringing nature to your venue, you can simply say “I Do” surrounded by greenery and gorgeous landscapes. Even if your budget is tight, you can still have nature and cheap wedding, like in the parks of Sydney, one of the urban cities in the world.

Another option is to travel to locations in the country or somewhere more secluded. English countryside has always attracted tourists, and you can even do it at the foot of a castle. A tropical wedding in the Belize Jungle will certainly give you an opportunity to spend the honeymoon there too.

4.      Volcano weddings

Volcano weddings offer quite a difference from the traditional venues. Hawaii is certainly the place to start from since it’s famous for the beautiful volcanic landscapes. It may be a cliché, but it’s still a beautiful one which will make everything extra special, like on the Kilauea volcano.

Iceland is also the home of many volcanoes. Maelifell volcano on the Myrdalsjökull glacier is covered in moss and will make a perfect background for your wedding pictures.

Etna in Italy is tallest one in Europe and still active with lava and ash. There is a waterfall made of lava, as well as 400 craters so that will certainly make it unique.

Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru in Indonesia are still active volcanoes responsible for the landscapes in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It is a picturesque venue appearing as though it belongs to another world.

In the end

When it comes to weddings, the ideas are limitless. You can get married on the plane or balloon while hanging from the cliff or under the sea. It all comes down to how creative and daring you are. Whatever your choice, the options range in price and possibilities, so you only have to choose the one which suits you the most. Travelling around the world to do so will certainly be a benefit and a memorable experience.

Many thanks to  Lena Hemsworth for this article.

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