You’ve looked through lots of gorgeous wedding photograph, chatted with prospective photographers, and you’ve booked your dream photographer. Everything is exciting and then they mention signing a contract. Boring…but necessary.

A photographer will have a contract in place to protect you and themselves. It’s easy to forget which supplier has said what about their Ts & Cs so it’s handy having it written down.

The main point in my contract is that the retainer paid for booking your wedding photography is non refundable. The reason for this is that if you change your mind six months down the line, the photographer may have turned down other work because your wedding was booked in.

It should cover what will happen if the photographer is ill and can’t do the wedding. This is a question that not many couples remember to ask. I also have a section asking for your permission for me to use any of your images on my website or for advertising. The copyright always remains with the photographer and they can use the images as they wish but they have to respect if you would rather not have your images shared over the internet.

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