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Weddings can be a famously expensive business, and not just for the bride and groom and their families. Attending a wedding in anything other than the finest clothing possible is deeply frowned upon, and that goes from top to toe. While the ladies will be encouraged to pick up a hat to work the occasion, for many the biggest outlay other than a fine suit or dress is a quality pair of wedding shoes.

Good shoes can make all the difference to an outfit, and even the most expensive and tailored tuxedo or bespoke frock will look out of place if accompanied by a scruffy pair of old boots. Regardless of whether your preference is slip-ons, stilettos, lace-ups, brogues, pumps or anything in between, there will always be a high street store that can meet your needs.

Hiring is also an option, but there is something a little awkward to many about the idea of wearing somebody else’s footwear. Hygiene is a concern, if nothing else.

Arguably the most prominent purveyor of high-quality shoes is Clarks, the reputable brand that has been keeping wedding guests and employees well-heeled since 1825. The brand was launched in Somerset – where the head office still stands to this day alongside a retail outlet offering discount goods from a number of different stores.

Clarks really rose to prominence during WW2. Clarks designed what was known as the Desert Boot, which was supported by alliance soldiers throughout the conflict, and launched the same footwear for commercial sale in 1950. Ever since, Clarks has become a byword for high-end high street footwear.

Visiting Clarks at any time of year promises a suitable shopping experience (though should you make the trip during the late summer you will find any branch swarming with busy parents attempting to renew their children’s school shoes for the impending term and beyond). Clarks pride themselves on stocking shoes that are suitable for anybody and any occasion, from the most casual to the highest formality – such as the aforementioned weddings that we have already discussed.

The store has branches all over the UK, including major cities and small towns, often acting as the location’s primary purveyor of shoes, boots, sandals and heels. Perhaps most notable is the Clark’s Village retail outlet in the Somerset town of Street that we have previously mentioned. Point your Sat Nav here and you will be able browse any number of items at far below retail price, which can be heaven-sent for anybody struggling to equip themselves for an event or occasion.

Shoes should obviously always be tried on before committing to a purchase as a pinched toe is nobody’s friend, but should you decide to shop online that is easily achieved through the store’s website; customers can always browse the stock and make a selection to be delivered to their local branch for a fitting, which is easily located using the website’s store locator. Most establishments have wide opening hours so you can easily pick up your order after work. An app, available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, makes cyber-shoe shopping even easier.

This may be particularly helpful when you are looking for those infernal wedding shoes – why be restricted by what you can get your hands on during a rushed and harried trip to your local branch, or competitor? Shoes can be browsed by size, colour, shape or style, and it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect pair that will accompany the suit and tie or dress that you have lovingly selected. It’s not just adults that benefit from this service, either – Clarks have an unparalleled selection of children’s shoes too, meaning that the youngest guests will feel fully integrated into the wedding spirit.

There is a reason the Clarks brand has survived for almost two centuries – it comes with a seal of assurance that customers can buy with confidence. Why would you look elsewhere?

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