As it’s over a third of the way through 2017 already (How has time went that fast!! Clearly, we are all having far too much fun!) we thought we would focus on a trend update for this months blog. Were we right in our first blog postback in October when we said 2017 would be all about foliage? If you can’t remember or didn’t see that blog check it out here (

Photograph by Zoe Emilie Photography

Simply the answer to that question is a huge big yes! 2017 and 2018 Bride’s and Groom’s just really can’t get enough of foliage, dark green, light green, grey, whatever the colour they love leaves! Large more unstructured bouquets are very on trend, they maybe round and messy, long and trailing or front facing crescent in shape. This unstructured trend fits perfectly with the foliage trend, if you look at these styles of bouquets on Pinterest or Instagram they are highly likely to have foliage in them, eucalyptus, clematis and ivy are all very popular varieties of foliage along with olive, soft ruscus and senecio. With succulents also featuring regularly on the likes list for Bride’s and Groom’s when choosing their wedding flowers.

Photograph by Gavin Forster Photography

Our key words which we keep getting told a lot during consultations are:
And you guessed it FOLIAGE!!!

Photograph by Gavin Forster Photography

You really are all addicted to the green stuff, of course green being Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 has a massive influence on a lot of couples wedding pinning and wedding planning choices.

Colourful colour schemes for flowers are making a comeback for 2017-2018 with lots of love for sunflowers and delphiniums, and of course most of you are still in love with gypsophila, well we do say it’s one of the ‘marmite’ flowers, you either love it or hate it!

Photograph by Gavin Forster Photography

A massive thank you to Gavin Forster Photography and Zoe Emilie Photography for allowing us to use these stunning images of our work.

Let us know if you are following the foliage trend or if you are doing something different.

Written by: Amy of Thoughts of You Flowers


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