There’s no other day like your wedding day. In that respect, it’s only logical that you want to look your absolute best. Even more than that, your wedding day is the moment you want to shine like a true princess you are. Aside from the breathtaking gown, other essentials for this day also include your makeup and hair. So, what do you need to know when bridal beauty trends for 2018 are concerned? Take a look.


Regardless of the occasion, you should never question the general importance of proper skincare. This is the first beauty bible commandment for any lady who wants to look her absolute best. If you take good care of your skin, your makeup will sit on your face more beautifully as well. However, skincare is a very personal thing. With that in mind, create a skincare routine that works the best for your particular skin type and skin needs. If you’ve been a bit neglectful with your skincare before, try your best to stick to the routine months before the wedding (and hopefully create a healthy habit from then on) so that your skin is healthy, youthful and radiant. Remember, no matter how tired you are, never go to sleep with your makeup still on, especially when the wedding day is getting closer!

Makeup trends

There are plenty of makeup trends for you to try out before you pick one for your big day. In general, mat lips are not the most popular trend for the brides. Both bold and soft lip looks are top trends for bridal looks in 2018, but opt for creamy or glossy lip products. Dewy and natural-looking face finish is also better than a flat mat one with strong contour. You have plenty of freedom when it comes to eyeshadow. Some of the most popular looks in this regard though involve softer smokey eyes. If you plan to have a pop of color in your bridal outfit, you can match it to the pop of color in your eye makeup as well. Finally, try to avoid strongly shaped eyebrows. Follow your natural eyebrows when drawing them in, and avoid the “Instagram brow look”.


Just like with skincare, you should treat your hair with great care in months before the wedding and hopefully ever after. Don’t skip the necessary steps and avoid exposing your hair to heat too much. Just like with makeup, feel free to try out various hairstyles before making the final decision. It’s important to see what works well for your face shape and possibly the hair accessories you’re going to wear. In general, updos are very popular, and messy updos go a lot better with the bridal look than very sleek ones. Another extremely popular bridal hair look for 2018 is a half-do (half up half down). There are tons of interesting things you can do to make a half-do more unique and special for your wedding day. And, lastly, seemingly effortless curls also make for a great look if this type of a hairstyle fits the theme and style of your wedding.

Emergency beauty kit

For this important day in your life, you should make sure that your looks stay perfect for the whole day. You have to keep in mind that you won’t just sit and look amazing all the time. There will be dancing and laughing and mingling and kissing, and all that can disrupt your makeup and hair. In that respect, make sure to put together your own bridal emergency kit that can help you stay fresh and gorgeous the whole day. Makeup blotting papers, q-tips and your lipstick for the day are must-haves. You can also have some eye drops and wet wipes just in case. When it comes to hair, an effective dry shampoo with no white cast will help your hairdo look amazing all the time. A couple of bobby pins and a small comb should have their place in your beauty kit, too.

Wedding organization can take up a lot of your time and things can get stressful. However, don’t let the pressure get to you. By trying out different makeup looks and hairstyles well before the wedding day, not only will you be able to find the perfect one, but you’ll also enjoy these personal moments as a way to relieve stress and have fun with your wedding prep.

Many thanks to Georgia Selih – lifestyle blogger




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