Your wedding day look is a reflection of your style and your individuality. Not every bride and groom embraces the traditional wedding ‘look.’ While choosing the white dress and tuxedo may be the custom, many couples roll their eyes at the typical…and embrace more dynamic choices.

Don’t zip yourself into the white lace gown if it doesn’t appeal to you. On your wedding day, the person waiting on the other end of the aisle is marrying you for you. They don’t want to see traditional if that isn’t your style expression.

This is your wedding day, and you deserve to look and feel the way you want. Don’t be afraid to express yourself stylistically with color, texture and whimsy. The look—the beauty—is what you bring to the ensemble. No one wants to see the white dress costume…and if you don’t embrace that white dress, it will, in fact, look just like a costume.

Be you. Be real. And have fun. This is your day. Get styled and walk down that aisle with a beauty and confidence that is so uniquely…you.


Brides can wear whatever color they choose. White is tradition, yes. But it can also read passé. If you love black, wear black. Or be bold and wear red. Or millennial pink. Or green. Wear a dress that creates a look that makes you happy. Colored wedding dresses are gorgeous, and in some cultures, color is the wedding norm. Don’t’ be afraid to grab hold of the rainbow spectrum.


The veil is such an innocent traditional wedding accessory. I hated the veil…or rather, the blusher. I chose a veil that just flowed in the back and I absolutely skipped the blusher. To me, it felt dated and old-fashioned. I also removed my veil for the reception and just left in my hair comb, which I loved. You don’t have to wear a veil. Today’s brides rock floral crowns, feather hair combs, hats, a tiara, colored veils…the choices are endless. You may even just place a single flower behind your ear. Or go without anything in your hair. The choices are endless, though. So don’t think you’re limited to that traditional veil.


Most brides select traditional jewelry: diamonds, gemstones, pearls. If you express yourself through jewelry, though, choose funky and fun accessories to create a unique statement. You may even select jewelry that includes your birthstone, your unique lunar phase, or even your zodiac sign. Use your accessories to reflect your individuality.


Beauty products help us create different looks and accentuate our individuality and one-of-a-kind beauty. You don’t have to be conservative with your make-up on your wedding day. While many magazines will emphasize ideal beauty looks for the wedding, there is no one beauty standard. Every woman sees and expresses beauty differently. So go ahead and rock the cat-eye, the highlighter, glitter lipstick and whatever else makes you happy.


Your shoe choice is a reflection of your personality, too. Think about your favorite shoes. Why do you love them? My favorite shoes are ballet flats—they’re classic, simple and comfortable. And I even wore a pair at my wedding. No heels for this girl! Don’t wear shoes that hurt your feet, and don’t feel pressured to choose a certain style because it’s acceptable. Choose a shoe style that you love. Tennis shoes, ballet flats, heels, flip flops, sandals or even cowboy boots look cute for wedding soles. Embrace who you are, be comfortable and express yourself down to the tips of your toes!

Wedding beauty isn’t one-size-fits-all. On your big day, be who you are. Choose the dress that makes you smile—whether it’s short, long, black, white or not even a dress at all. Wear your hair your way. And don’t let anyone pressure you into looking like the cookie cutter mold of a bride—unless that’s what you want. Not everyone loves the white dress, the classic make-up and the high heels. Create your own amazing look, and walk down the aisle with confidence and class…and own the day your way!

With thanks to Cassie Brewer for this article.

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