Every couple on their wedding day wants the event to be a reflection of the new life and future that they are about to embark on. From the dress to the cake, every item has a story to tell and hint to convey all that is to come for the happy couple. But the one thing that is reflected in every element of the event from the day each guest received a “Save the Date?” The colour story.

From demure and sophisticated to lively and vibrant, the colours you choose will set the stage for your matrimonial event!

White, Wheat, and Navy

Don’t get too far ahead! It’s still 2018 and the Fall wedding season hasn’t gotten in full swing yet. If you’re putting together a speedy nuptial here is a classic yet modern palette just for you. White and Wheat isn’t just a choice of toast, it’s a clean colour combo that can bring visions of a midwestern harvest to a set of English china. Versatility doesn’t begin to describe what these colours are capable of. But this year’s couples know how to take it to the next level. As you’ve probably figured out, these colours could get a little washed out, BUT with the addition of a strong colour like navy, everything becomes more defined and grounded. Like your future together.

Burgundy, Blush, and Silver

For those Fall and Winter wedding couples that feel they want a little more contrast in their ceremony, look no further than Burgundy, Blush, and Silver. Burgundy and Blush are no strangers to the wedding scene, but the new twist is using them together. This unlikely pair is causing a real stir! With the addition of silver, the whole look is nothing less than pure modern elegance. An added bonus to using a metal tone in your colours is that you can often get jewellery to match perfectly for everyone’s ensemble!

Ultra Violet, Gunmetal, and Sage

It wouldn’t have been a popular colours article without including Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year: Ultra Violet! This shade of purple could be found everywhere this year, and the wedding scene is no exception. To compliment this most popular hue, pair it with Sage Green and Gunmetal Grey! This combination of the Ultra Violet and Sage will have a floral feel to it, and with the high contrast between these two highly pigmented colours and the Gunmetal, your colours will appear multi-dimensional! And who doesn’t love a little depth?

Lavender and Mint

Moving into 2019 and the busy wedding season of spring, inspiration can be taken from the winter trends, but by adding a little twist, we can make it totally unique. Take your purples and greens for instance, but tone them down a little and get down with the pastels for a light and fresh scene! You’re looking at a delicious combination of Lavender and Mint! Not only do these colours visually sing of springtime, but as a theme they can be carried through your atmosphere in both taste and aroma as well! What a delight to the senses!

Turquoise and Chartreuse

For you jewel tone colour junkies out there, have I got a combination for you! Turquoise and Chartreuse are going to enliven the crowd and guarantee a boisterous atmosphere. When you choose this colour combo you are telling your guests that your future together is going to be anything but boring–but always complimentary. Instead of traditional gemstone jewellery, try using turquoise stones in all of your accessories!

Whatever palette you choose, always be sure to stay true to your unique style and story.

Author Bio:

This was a guest post by Carolyn from Northwood Rings.  Northwood Rings provides handcrafted wooden rings from a variety of types of timber for people who want to have nature incorporated into their stories. They’ve since expanded to precious metals, and gemstones, to give even more options to the brides and grooms (and guests) who want something a little different.


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