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You’re only a few weeks away from your big day. By now, you might have already finalised all of your wedding preparations like selecting your wedding accessories, and gowns, finding the perfect venue and booking the catering services. With everything finally sorted out, this is the perfect time for you to start planning your hen party. There are plenty of party themes that you can choose from depending on the type of activities and entertainment that you want.

#1 Treat everyone to the spa

It’s definitely not easy to plan a wedding. It could take a few months to complete all the preparations. That’s why you should consider booking a spa party for you and the gals. You want your skin to look as fresh and vibrant on your wedding day, so you should book a facial treatment. To help you relax your sore muscles from all the crazy prenup shots and pre-wedding workout, you need a nice body massage.

Take note that you may need to book your spa party ahead of time so you can get the best schedule and rooms for the entire bridal squad.

#2 Channel your favourite action movie star

Some brides-to-be prefer spending their last few days of freedom enjoying something new and challenging. If this sounds like you, then you might like booking a paintball hen party.

A paintball party for hens typically includes the safety equipment for the participants and a list of nice activities that you can participate in. For a few hours, you can get rid of your wedding jitters white you shoot colourful paintballs with your gals.

#3 Camp in style

You may have heard about glamping from famous celebrities and music festival. It’s super trendy, and it’s quite an enjoyable treat for you and your guests. You can be one with nature while enjoying a luxurious treatment from the staff. Some hen party glamping packages include exciting crafting activities like crocheting and knitting.

#4 Get locked inside an Escape Room

Escape rooms are so popular. In fact, you can find an escape room game in so many countries including England, the USA, and Japan. You can choose from a variety of Escape Room themes. Together with your bridesmaid, you can solve puzzles, find missing items and unlock doorknobs and whatnot. It’s an exhilarating activity that will bring out your inner sleuth.

#5 Enjoy a night of pole dancing with your gals

There’s more to pole dancing than wearing a sexy outfit. You will surely need to learn the right techniques in order to dance gracefully while your body is wrapped around the pole. The dance instructor will teach you how to pole dance the right way. She will demonstrate how to do it, and teach you the dance moves step by step. Even if you don’t master the skills, you and your girls will love having a pole dancing hen party.

#6 Choose to celebrate in a farm

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Nothing can beat the peace and tranquility that the countryside can offer. If you want to temporarily forget about your wedding preparation problems or if you simply want to relax before your big moment, you will surely love going to the countryside.

You can get in touch with a party vendor that specialises in countryside hen parties or you can book your accommodation and party packages yourself. It’s a great party theme most especially if your bridal squad wants to get away from the city.

#7 Create a scent you won’t forget

Many celebrities have their own brand of perfume. If you’ve been dreaming of creating your own scent, you will love hosting a perfume making hen party. Learn the fundamental steps in creating a perfume such as how to distill the essences. You will also learn what types of ingredients can be used to make an eau de toilette or an eau de parfum.

At the end of the perfume making lesson, you will have the opportunity to mix different ingredients until you can create your own signature scent.

#8 Time for a makeup lesson!

Hosting a crash course makeup lesson for your hen do might just be the perfect option if you and your girlfriends don’t much about makeup. A professional makeup artist can guide you through the process.

You can learn how to choose the perfect eyebrow shape and colour, mix and match eyeshadow colours and select the right type of skin products based on your skin type. Depending on the package you availed, you can also ask the stylist to give you and your gals some hairstyling tips.

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Spend your last days as a single woman with your best buddies. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend it inside an escape room, swinging and dancing on the pole or retreating somewhere in the countryside. What matters most is that you love the people that you will celebrate with.

Many thanks to James Bennett for this article.


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