If you’re currently planning your big day, you might want to consider the environmental impact of your celebrations. The average UK wedding uses up more CO2 than running three cars for a whole year.

With this in mind alongside the rising cost of weddings, Daffodil Hotel & Spa have created a five-step guide to an environmentally conscious wedding.

1.      Buy a vintage dress.

Do you think that that you have to purchase a designer dress to get the dress of your dreams? It’s simply not true!

Finding a vintage dress will mean that no one else has the same look and even better you’ll have cut out the CO2 emissions which go into importing all those expensive bridal gowns.

2.      Have a vegetarian wedding.

Having vegetarian catering will reduce the environmental impact of your wedding massively. After all, meat is the biggest contributor of CO2 in the world.

3.      Avoid single-use decorations.

We know single use plastic is terrible for the planet and this doesn’t stop just because it’s a wedding. Swap those single use decorations and favours for rentable linens from your wedding planner and reusable cups that can act as a great souvenir for the big day.

4.      Keep your wedding close to home.

There’s no need to go to a far-flung location for your wedding ceremony. Choose a place close to home, perhaps somewhere you visited as a child and reduce the CO2 emissions of getting your guests to the venue.

5.      Enjoy a honeymoon in Britain.

Rather than jetting on holiday and creating thousands of tonnes of CO2 in the process, consider a UK honeymoon. Not only will you reduce your environmental impact you’ll save money and avoid the stress of flying.

Uncover more about the simple steps to a conscious wedding, whilst saving both money and the environment.



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