Learn to be in love with yourself and attract the love you desire

 How often have you been disappointed on what should have been a special day.  Have you expected flowers, chocolates or a candlelit romantic dinner.  From the perspective of a partner have you ever felt judged, had a sense of whatever you do is not enough or thought ‘why bother anyway?’

What if you could connect to love without expectation or wanting for more?

Many of us have unresolved needs around feeling unloved which go back to childhood. Seeking to get those needs met in our partner or someone in our current life can lead to dysfunctional relationships.  When we take the time to meet our own needs and develop a sense of self-worth we attract the same from others.

Ten top tips:

Verbalise or write down what you would love

Appreciate what you already have

Let go of expectations

Envelope your heart area in feelings of love

Notice sensations in the body

Turn up the volume of these feel-good feelings

Invite your loved ones into your heart

Nurture yourself

Enjoy what is in each moment

Share what you have with no expectation


To receive an extract of Gills book on Love and relationships please email Gill on: gillianroutledge@gmail.com


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