Summer is a lovely time for a wedding, as the weather is wonderful and the days are longer, allowing you to have a sun soaked ceremony before you and your guests dance your way into the evening. While planning your big day takes a large amount of attention to detail, we have simplified many questions on the mind of any summertime bride. Take a look at the do’s and don’t’s of summer weddings to ensure that your special day is everything you’ve dreamed of and more once it arrives.

Do provide guests with heat relief

Nothing will make your guests more uncomfortable than being unbearably hot while they’re all dressed up for your nuptials. To help provide relief from the heat, first ensure that your venue has shady or indoor areas, with air-conditioning being a nice bonus. Also have decorative ice buckets scattered amongst the ceremony and reception with water bottles available for guests to keep them hydrated and happy. Finally, to help keep guests cool during an outdoor ceremony, have ushers pass out cold hand towels on a particularly hot day.

Do send save the dates early

Because summer tends to be a busy time for people to go on vacations and attend other events, you’ll want to get your save the dates out as early as possible. Doing so will ensure that the people on your guest list get your wedding on their calendar before it fills up!

Do pick your ceremony time wisely

You’ll want to carefully plan the time of your wedding ceremony when it comes to a summer wedding, particularly if it will be held outdoors. The sun is typically at its peak between 10am and 4pm, so it’s best to wait until after those especially hot hours have past to hold your ceremony.

Don’t bank on perfect weather

While it’s easy to assume that a summer wedding means abundant sunshine on your special day, that may not always be the case. This season is prone to thunderstorms and rain showers, so it’s important to have a viable backup plan for any parts of your wedding that are scheduled to be hosted outdoors in the event of inclement weather.

Don’t forget bug spray

There’s nothing more irritating than being bit by pesky bugs, and you don’t want to hear guests constantly swatting these critters away during your ceremony. To avoid this nuisance, provide bug spray at your ceremony and have decorative citronella candles burning throughout the event to ward off bugs, which are known to come out to indulge in their dinner after the sun sets.

Don’t have a strict dress code

Because it may be scorching hot on the day of a summer wedding, you’ll want to provide your guests with a more lax dress code for the event. Men won’t want to show up in a heavy three piece suit with the sun beating down on them, and giving women the option of wearing a loose and breathable dress will make all the difference in their experience at your wedding.

We know that you want every detail at your wedding to be perfect, from the flowers to the entertainment to the cake. The summer proves to be the ideal time to celebrate the union of two people, and the season makes for fun events that will never be forgotten. Wow your guests with your big day by following these do’s and don’t’s to maximize their enjoyment as well as your own!

Article by Cassie Brewer

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