With digital photography, there’s now a choice for couples to either have a wedding album or digital files on a usb stick. The files can be a more cost effective option but is it necessarily the right option? Here are some pros and cons for each.

Wedding Album Pros

You have a beautifully designed collection of your favourite photographs all together in one place.

It doesn’t take ages to look through as you’ve narrowed it down to the best photographs from the day.

The images will have been cropped to the best dimensions for the album and you haven’t had to worry about which photos will look best together.

It’s easy to show your friends and family the photographs.

Wedding Album Cons

A large album may get put in a cupboard after a while and you never get it out to look through it.


Digital Files Pros

You can have all of the edited photos taken on the day.

You can have a different wedding picture screensaver every day to constantly remind you of your special day.

You can easily share the images with friends and family who may live abroad.

Printing out the photos will be cheaper than using the professional service.

Digital Files Cons

You probably won’t get round to making an album yourself.

If you get photos printed elsewhere, they won’t be cropped correctly and may not come out the correct colours.

Looking through a slideshow of a lot of very similar images will take a long time (and you may not love them all).

If your images were on a disc, you may find that you don’t have anything to view your photos on anymore. Computers rarely have a disc drive anymore.

Hopefully this will help you to make the right decision for you.

Written by Gillian Cross at Gillian Cross Photography

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