Finding the right partner

Finding the right partner for your life journey can be a long and difficult road, and sometimes you may find that your choices have not brought you to the place you might have wanted to be. If you find that your partner choices are complicated then perhaps you might consider a non-human companion at least until you can decide exactly where you want to be in life.

If a dog should be your partner of choice then consider the pug as your ‘man’s best friend’. The pug is one of the oldest domesticated animals and was originally brought over from China in the 16th century. The pug became an instant success with dog lovers everywhere as he has a sensitive nature and a calm demeanour. The pug will fit right in with your young children and other pets, he will give you all his love and attention, even to the point of never letting you out of his sight for a moment.


If you like a cuddle first thing in the morning a human person might not be in the mood, but you pug will always be there for you and will spend all day snuggling if you want to. Okay, so you might have to take your pug out for a walk even when it’s cold and rainy but this is a small price to pay for his absolute devotion.

When you come home late, tired or grouchy your pug will still greet you like the royalty you are, he will never judge you or your moods. A person might not be quite so forgiving, and may even decide that your bad mood should be greeted by an even worse mood from their side.

Financial Costs

On the monetary front comparing your pugs cost of living to your partners might give you pause for thought. Some nutritious food a couple of times a day and an occasional trip to the vet might seem to be expensive, however, compared to the needs of a human they are nominal at best. Your partner will expect to be fed regularly with perhaps alcohol as an additional expense, it costs at least 6 times more to feed a human every week than it does your pug. In addition your partner will need all sorts of grooming extras and a great deal of clothing.

Although a night out in a fancy restaurant or a trip to the cinema might not be quite the same with a pug it will most definitely be cheaper on all fronts, although the conversation might be somewhat difficult and you might be asked to leave if the yapping annoys other diners!

All-in-all if you are looking for unquestionable loyalty, absolute devotion and a non-judgemental attitude then we think that a pug is most certainly the best place to start. When you have mastered the art of pug-keeping then perhaps you might want to take the next step in a person-to-person relationship.

This infographic from Moneypod will help you decide!

Author Bio

This article was written by Lee Coates on behalf of Moneypod.

About Moneypod:

Moneypod is a financial broker and part of the Ping Yo Group. Built by a team of industry experts with over 10 years experience, specializing in working with people who find it difficult to obtain finance; People with poor credit histories, no credit history or those who have declared bankruptcy through difficult life circumstances.

Through a passion to connect people searching for finance with lenders willing to lend, Managing Director Neil Griffiths has built a highly successful company that cares. All lenders are sense checked and background checked before on boarding. All lenders are responsive and responsible to their customers and have appropriate interest rates for their products. They are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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