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Your Planning Starts Here is the perfect guide to planning your big day. Compiled by The Wedding Guide UK, you’ll enjoy page after page of inspiring articles, gorgeous images and plenty of room for your own notes and sketches!

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Your Planning Starts Here is the perfect guide to planning your big day.

Compiled by The Wedding Guide UK, you’ll enjoy page after page of inspiring articles, gorgeous images and plenty of room for your own notes and sketches!
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Thank you so much for my lovely planner – as promised here are some thoughts.

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1 review for Your Planning Starts Here

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thank you so much for my lovely planner – as promised here are some thoughts.
    Firstly, I think it’s totally fab – and I really wish I had had it from day 1!! There are so many pointers I would have been able to make use of – I really struggled with not having the first idea how to pick a make-up artist early on and trying to save money on some areas where I wish I hadn’t – such as photographer. If I’d have had this guide when I started out I think I would have felt a lot more confident in knowing how to go about planning the big day!
    It is laid out and styled beautifully – the fonts and page layouts are really romantic and soft but still really clear, readable and user-friendly and I really love your soft warm colour palette. The notes pages are so brilliant for jotting down ideas and thoughts as you go along.
    I really love the feature at the beginning on finding your dream gown – I didn’t even know colour analysts existed but I would love to visit one for advice on make-up etc. so that was such a helpful hint. I also still haven’t sorted my lingerie so really appreciated that advice section – I think comfy during the day and gorgeous at night will be the way to go for me! Hahaha! As I mentioned, I could have really used the make-up artist advice early on – it is something I found really tricky so that will really help brides like me.
    I ADORED the ‘Bride and Doom’ feature!! I have a long-term health condition myself. I have suffered from CFS since I was eight and one of the most serious considerations for my day was whether I would be able to fit a nap or rest in at some point. I have never seen a feature on being a bride with health issues before and there must be a lot of us so it really made me smile and gave me confidence that I am not on my own and despite health issues can still have the perfect day for us! Thank you for such a lovely inclusion – I really, really did appreciate it.
    I also really liked the ‘Home or Away’ feature and the honest advice. Similarly, with the ‘capture the laughter’ feature, we are a couple who didn’t plan in a videographer and having read the article we have decided to think a little more about it. It is such a lovely way to capture the moving moment of the wedding on video but with all the other costs it was a low priority for us. If we can scramble together some more pennies we may well add it on.
    I really appreciated the ‘how should the day flow’, the ‘receiving line’, ‘the seating plan’ and ‘wedding customs and traditions’ sections – there are so many elements to think about and often nobody really knows what event should happen when or how to structure things. Also, you often don’t realise these are things that we needed to be thinking about – so having it laid out really helped us figure out how to structure the day! Now we just have to decide whether speeches should be before or after the meal!
    I completely adored the sections on the first dance and the wedding music – they were full of vital snippits of advice you just might otherwise not know – like any readings and songs must not have a religious element if you are having a civil ceremony. The suggested readings are fab for couples who might not be very into poetry or classical literature and may not know where to start! I also found the legal sections on changing your name and wills etc. really informative.
    The honeymoon planning sections and ideas are great for us as we still need to arrange ours – I really loved the ‘couple up’ on destination ideas as we would like to do that and I was really excited to enter the Thailand Honeymoon competition.
    What I like most about the guide is that is its full of helpful, frank and very much needed advice about issues which can be a real worry and things you may not know you need to think about: like when to do the speeches and how you go about arranging evening entertainment. It really encourages brides (and grooms) to know it is okay to ask the hard questions about cost and how things can be improved or made to better suit their individual needs. It is brilliantly easy to read and user friendly and I would 100% recommend it to my friends who are newly engaged!
    Loads of love,

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