There’s a reason that many ladies (and even gentlemen) could not outgrow the classic children’s folk tale Cinderella. It is a wonderful love story that triumphs against class struggle and social oppression. Such a tale echoes the reality of ‘contested’ human relationships for countless ages.

In fact, the earliest known variant of the Cinderella story involves the romance and marriage between a Greek hetaera (the equivalent of Japanese geisha) named Rhodopis and Pharaoh Amasis of Egypt around 550 BC. Despite sounding like an excruciating cliché, “history does repeat itself” in the most unnerving fashion. Approximately 2,568 years later, the same exact narrative pattern comes to life in this epoch involving the youngest British prince and a bi-racial American actress.

The love story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bears an accurate resemblance to other real-life Cinderella stories that come before them. In all the comparative accounts, it is always the female that represents the struggling proletariat while the male belongs in the stately/elite household. Similarly, the female characters constantly triumph in adversity and earn the undivided attention of ‘a man of great quality.’

While it is easy to compare Meghan to Cinderella and Rhodopis, in certain respect anyone could agree that “nothing beats the real thing.” Unlike the other two female archetypes, Meghan has a far more respectable background.

She’s highly educated, graduating with a double major in theatre and international studies. Before she made a name for herself as an actress and a lifestyle blogger, she completed an internship in Argentina’s American embassy and freelanced as a professional calligrapher. Meghan has also rubbed shoulders with illustrious global icons – two of which include former US President Barrack Obama and the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While Meghan has step-siblings like Cinderella, she has a far better relationship with them than she does with her online tormentors in 2017. She puts up a better fight against more enemies than Cinderella. Similar to Rhodopis, she is not only a commoner but also an outsider. However, Meghan’s journey across the Atlantic could hardly be as horrific as that of the Greek slave girl’s trans-Mediterranean voyage from one master to another.

It is interesting to realize that, in this particular regard, fantasy makes a poorer source of inspiration for impressionable girls who wish to have a dream wedding with a perfect man. Meghan is a fine example of how a woman that strives to build great character overcomes incredible social barriers – worthy to be crowned and elevated as a sovereign.

Her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry on May 19 proves to be the biggest and most popular fairy tale there is. The website Cost Figures features a how much the royal family and the United Kingdom’s taxpayers are willing to spend (as well as earn back) in the name of the creating the greatest “stone-to-diamond” happy ending for generations to come.

Many thanks to Susan Baxter from for this infographic


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