Getting engaged is one of life’s more memorable moments and it’s one that you want to last long in your partner’s mind…for all the right reasons. In today’s world of smartphones and the ubiquity of technology and the Internet, people love to share these moments with their friends and family so it’s not odd to see Facebook Live events showcasing such happenings. If you hope to surprise your partner with the proposal, you will need to arm yourself with some information before you get down on one knee. You’ll of course need to take into account their tastes in jewellery but also their finger size for the ring finger specifically. There are ways you can do both of these covertly in order to keep things under wraps for the big reveal. The guys over at Loyes Diamonds have put together this infographic below which details some really useful ideas on how to get the ring selection right, even if your partner is in on the selection. Choosing an engagement ring is important to think about carefully as it’s a piece of jewellery that you will likely have for all of your life and so you and your partner need to adore it. Even though your partner will likely be thrilled at the engagement, they most certainly will want to have something to cherish. This infographic covers both sides i.e. if you wish to select one on your own or with your partner’s involvement. It also gives an insightful overview about what you need to know about diamonds and what you should be looking out for when on your browsing journey. There are of course advantages and disadvantages of choosing a ring together but the same goes for choosing the ring alone and hopefully you will gain some insight from this infographic!

How to Measure Ring Size




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