Which Wedding dress will suit me best?

The one answer to this is get trying them on! What suits one may not suit another, each of us has a different personality, shape and style. But is it that straight forward?

Many brides who go into bridal shops. Some know what they want, some think they know what they want, some have an open mind, others, just aren’t sure what they like and what suits them best.

I just don’t know which wedding dress to choose??

This is where the help from your wedding dress consultant is invaluable. They are there to guide and help you but also be honest with you. They will ask certain questions to build a picture in their mind, to narrow down the selection before you.  Questions like, where you are getting married? One dress may suit getting married in a church/castle this same dress may not have the same look at a festival wedding in the middle of a field. Other questions could be: What features in a dress are you after? Long sleeves/strapless/cover my bust/etc. What style are you wanting? Princess/ mermaid/straight/etc. Do you want sparkle/lace/satin/crepe/etc.? How much were you wanting to pay? £1000/£1400/£2000/not sure/etc.

Should I try different styles on?

I believe brides should try all styles on within reason, you only do this once, right. You have nothing to lose, by trying on something different. At the end of the day it’s a different kind of day, a special day, so try different styles on and get a feel of it. You can eliminate them, know you tried them and know that they did/didn’t suit you. Ask yourself… Does it make you feel special? Can you sit down in it? Move around does it feel comfortable? Think… What underwear can I wear with this? Will I trip over it when I’m dancing? Could I go to the bathroom ok?

How will I know it’s the one?

You will know when you have found ‘The One’ when you don’t want to take it off, and you feel comfortable and excited inside.


Written by Once Upon a Time Bridal Wear Newcastle

Photo by Gavin Forster

Dress by Alexia Designs

Venue Woodhill Hall, Otterburn

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