Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding! One of the most exciting parts of your Wedding is shopping for the dress. It is very daunting for some people to go shopping for their Wedding dress and very exciting all at the same time. We have had some very nervous Brides come into our shop, but when they leave, they are relaxed, happy and very excited! The best way to shop for your dress is to be relaxed and have an open mind.

Take someone with you who will give you an honest opinion without being brutal. The last thing you want is for your confidence to be knocked. Don’t take too many people with you, one or 2 people is about the right amount. You might have a lot of friends and family, but they all have different opinions and this can sometimes make the decision harder. Some of our Brides like to make this a very moment with just their Mother –  a memory to last forever! You can keep it a massive secret until the big day – or let friends and loved ones come with you once your dress has come in and enjoy with you the first time you wear ‘your dress!’.

If you go with set ideas and styles, then you could just miss the perfect dress! Be open to different styles and fabrics. Move away from the idea of certain styles for certain body shapes, you need to try everything! Once you start trying dresses on, you will probably be surprised at how many different styles and fabrics you suit. Many a Bride has asked for plain for simple but could not find what they wanted. We have put them in something with just a bit more fancy and decorative and they have fallen in love with it. It also works the other way too! When you look in magazines, you are looking at models, who have been pinned, airbrushed and positioned perfectly to make everything look perfect. You have to think about you, your shape and what you fell and look good in. Trust the staff in the shops. They are professionals and they know their dresses. They will be able find what will suit you perfectly. The dresses look so different on hanger than when you actually put them on.

Wear comfortable and good fitting underwear – it can make all the difference to the look of the dress. A lot of brides want to wear ‘pull-in’ underwear, but a lot of the dresses do that for you now, so you wont need them!.

Do not wear a lot of make-up or false tan as some shops will refuse to let try the dresses on in case you damage and mark the dresses with products that they cannot get out of the dresses. It is not nice trying on dresses that are covered in make-up and false tan.

You can add straps and belts to the gowns, or take them off to have a slightly different look to the dress. However, if you start making too many changes to the dress, then the dress is not for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice – that’s what we are here for.

We can help you look amazing, but we also want you feel amazing! Remember to enjoy every minute of choosing the most important dress you will ever buy. We want it to be a memory that you will cherish forever. We just adore the squeals of delight and happy tears when the Bride say ‘YES’ to the dress! 😊 x

Julie Watson, Owner, AJ Bridalwear

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