The average cost of a wedding has risen to an incredible £27,000, with dresses alone averaging out at over £1000. Given that the average UK wage is just under £28,000 per annum, it’s clear that getting married is an expensive pursuit. Not only that, it’s one that puts many couples in a huge amount of debt, and at a time when life should be a carefree bed of roses.

It may not surprise you that it’s possible to get married without breaking the bank, and it is, in fact, possible to have a perfect wedding day for less than £1000. Remembering the reasons why you agreed to marry, cutting out unnecessary expenditure, doing much of the organising yourself and using the talents of your friends and family will all keep costs to a minimum.

Our infographic details essential wedding costs, where you can save money and how you can make your day magical simply by putting your creative head on. Get married for under £1000 and you’ll still have the perfect day – you’ll also be giving yourself the very best chance to make the rest of your life perfect, too.

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