The Greatest Pre-Wedding Road Trip… Ever!

·        13 nights
·        2,312 miles
·        1 journey of a life time!

As road trips go, getting your best friend to the church on his wedding day is one of man’s most important journeys. But things just got even bigger! Best men can now take the ultimate detour and make the groom the star of his own buddy movie on one last trip together as single men, across the legendary Route 66.

Route 66 – “The world’s greatest road trip.” The Lonely Planet Guide are helping guys get their motors running, head out on the highway and cover the 2,312 miles of America’s most famous route. With of a top of the range ‘RV’ (recreational vehicle) to hit the road, this 13-day adventure is the type of journey that every man should make at least once in his lifetime.

“…and they came into 66 from tributary side roads, from wagon tracks and the rutted country roads, 66 is the mother road…”
John Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath

Along the way the bachelor boys will discover answers to some of life’s great mysteries… “Just what is pastrami on rye?”, “Why would anyone pour syrup on bacon?” and “Is this the way to Amarillo?” (it turns out that yes, it is) as they travel from Chicago to Los Angeles, with hilarious action, stunning scenery and some unforgettable experiences that will add a tick to any groom’s bucket list;

·        “Hold tight!” – Ride a helicopter into The Grand Canyon
·        Beers beside the fire – Camp out on Beaver Lake
·        Go native – Walk ancient Apache trails
·        Desert storm – See the Mojave Desert
·        Man vs Food – Eat a real American burger at a classic roadside diner
·        Pimp your ride – Cruise Santa Monica Boulevard

StagWeb’s Head of International, Jamie Birleson said, “This is the biggest and most exciting US stag party adventure we’ve ever created. It’s Jack Kerouac meets Cool Britannia as British nearly-weds set off on the world’s greatest road trip before making sure the groom gets to the church on time.”

You can find out more information about our StagWeb’s Route 66 Stag Trip here. Or you can contact me direct;

Andy Viveash | Digital Marketing Manager – 01225 474200

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