So fancy that, an accountant being comfortable giving advice on something which is going to result in a significant amount of money be spent and there be no financial reward.

Well some things such as weddings cannot just be measured in monetary terms so we best accept this as a profession and do what we can to ensure that everybody going through this financially challenging time is as best equipped as they can be.

We subsequently pulled together the following two documents:

  1. A running total spreadsheet that allows you to identify the cost of the various elements, plan month upon month and ultimately breakdown what seems like a financial mountain into management chunks.
  2. A template of the actual costs of my wedding which gives you some starting figures to work from to incorporate into the first tab.

We as an accountancy firm also adopt a very personal approach hence us sharing this with you as we know how important it is to make the big day everything you dreamt of and the sacrifices that need to be made along the way.

Just make sure that the financial costs are not lingering long after the big day has passed.   You can download the spreadsheet here.

Many thanks to Graeme Tennick for sharing this with us –

2017 Finalist in the North East Accountancy Awards

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