The UK recently got rather excited over another Royal wedding, only to have their hopes dashed when the rumours turned out to be just, well, rumours. There are few things more exciting than a Royal wedding, as we watch one lucky woman becoming a princess; something many of us spend our childhoods dreaming about, reading about in fairytales and playing out with our dolls.

Not only are there an extremely small number of princes to go around (three in the past few decades have come on the market for the UK’s 32 million women), making our odds of snagging one pretty impossible, but very few of us have a celebrity budget. The Royal wedding between William and Kate was a stunning affair, but it cost a whopping $34 million. $32 million of that went on security, which hopefully we won’t need at our own nuptials, but that still leaves a dress that cost nearly half a million pounds.

Should we abandon all hope of feeling like a princess on our wedding day, just because we don’t have the prince and bottomless budget to match? Certainly not! A budget wedding dress doesn’t mean it can’t transform you into the belle of the ball. We’re here to show you that you can have the wedding of your wildest dreams, for the price tag of your reality.

Make Your Venue Fit For a Queen — Even if it’s Your Garden Shed

Traditionally, celebrities have opted for lavish locations like castles and world heritage sites. Not only do you need a hefty budget if you want to book yourself into one of those locations, but you also need patience; there will be quite the waiting list for anywhere this grand. There are plenty of ways to transform any location into somewhere magical, though, even if you can’t have your wedding photos on the balustrades of Windsor Castle.


  • Find Some Ruins — the UK and Ireland are covered in castles that are ruined, have no entrance fee and are available for weddings. Your guests won’t be able to stay overnight — unless they don’t mind camping — but you’ll have a magical day for a fraction of the cost and come out with some incredible wedding photos.
  • Borrow a Garden — do you have any friends or family who live in the country and have a large, gorgeous garden? If so, ask if you can get married there. The chances are they’ll be flattered and, as long as you’re prepared for rain, you’ll have the perfect day. Keep weddings like this small and intimate, drape fairy lights around and search through wedding dress outlets in London for a whimsical wedding dress.
  • Opt for Off-Season winter weddings aren’t to be discounted. If you want a more popular venue but don’t want the summer price tag, go for a winter wedding. With candles, silver, gold and regal colour schemes, and a ball gown budget wedding dress, you can have your perfect princess wedding without the hefty bill.


Find a Wedding Dress Outlet in London — All the Style, None of the Expense

If you haven’t heard of sample sales, you need to start exploring them. You can find designer wedding dresses at up to 70% off, simply because they’ve been out on display — yet they’re still in perfect condition.

They may not be designed by Vera Wang just for you, but you can still find some spectacular dresses for a spectacular bargain. You’ll feel like such a princess that you won’t just want to wear it on your wedding day, you’ll want to copy Monica, Rachel and Phoebe in Friends and wear it everyday, just because you’ve never felt more beautiful.

Destination Weddings — Intimate, Exotic and a Wedding to Remember

Remember the wedding in Mamma Mia on a Greek Island? A Mediterranean destination wedding is a fantastic way to cut costs and work on your tan at the same time. Finding the perfect location on a Mediterranean island isn’t exactly hard, with so many stunning locations to chose from. With cheap flights within Europe thanks to budget airlines, it won’t be hard for your guests to get out — and you’re essentially already on your honeymoon, so there’s no need for the added expense — just find a gorgeous hotel and stay a bit longer to bask in each others company.

Weddings in Greece, Italy, Malta, Croatia and other seaside locations may present a little more logistical issues and planning problems, but with all the money you’re saving by choosing somewhere cheaper, you can afford a planner to take the stress off your shoulders. Choose a budget wedding dress that’s simple and will handle the heat — and send your invitations with plenty of time for your guests to book the week off work. Your wedding is about to go down as one of the highlights of everyone’s year, so you want make sure everyone can make it!
Jo and Claire have been running Belle Bridal in North London for almost a decade. Belle Bridal specialises in sample wedding dresses which, combined with Jo and Claire’s expertise, mean you can walk away with your dream wedding gown at your dream price.

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