Everyone is talking about Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry – and the natural question is:   What will her wedding gown look like?   Elbeth Gillis gives us her ideas:

 Elbeth says:

 “This delightful couple has barely announced their engagement and already I’m imagining Meghan’s wedding dress – I know, I know, it’s very early, but that’s what designers do – we imagine and then create. And besides, it’s never too soon for any bride to start thinking about her dress.

Prince Harry has spent significant time here in South Africa, and their engagement is all across our news headlines as well. I’m thrilled for both of them and hope that they’ll be able to maintain a sense of how special this time is, in spite of being such public figures.”

Elbeth adds:

 “If Meghan’s wardrobe from the TV series, Suits, gives us any indication of her personal sense of style, then her dress sense is enduringly classic. She’s feminine and sophisticated, with a hint of sensuality. She can also be sporty; she’s got a figure that’s both willowy and athletic – lucky woman! I think the wedding dress that Meghan will have designed for her will have strong clean lines, maybe with a 1950’s flair, but it’ll still need to consider royal etiquette.”

The Annabelle gown is luxurious and rich, with hidden pockets and a generous train. The neckline would be adjusted out of consideration for royal etiquette.








The Tara top is a nude-look lace top that is feminine, and is balanced by the full Scarlet skirt.








I love the classic sweetheart neckline of this Chloe bodice, paired with the Lily lace overlay and the Scarlet skirt. It’s very romantic and feminine.








Meghan could also pull off the more athletic lace overlay – Melissa – with its capped sleeves.








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