What do Canny Campers offer the wedding market…

Our aim is to offer the best quality 1964 White/Creamy Beige VW Campervan and 1976 Black Convertible VW Beetle to take brides and / or grooms to the church and wedding venue. We are a very small family business covering the North East of England. As we maintain a small fleet of just 2 vehicles, this helps us to achieve even higher standards by investing money back into our cars and into our service offering.

What does a typical booking look like…

We provide our cars for up to 4-hour continuous hire, generally taking the bridal party or grooms party to the church and after the ceremony on to the reception.

We are always happy to do multiple trips if required and we can do both the grooms party and then the bridal party afterwards if required.

Time for photographs at the pick-up and drop-off points are all part of the package.

What little extras do you offer to make the day more special…

Canny Campers have a few little extra’s that make us stand out from the crowd. Firstly, the bride and groom will get a pair of hand-painted Champagne flutes, with a little Mr and Mrs Campervan on them, their names and the wedding date of the happy couple.

We give all of our couples a full bottle of Champagne to enjoy after the ceremony which is presented with the Champagne flutes. This makes a great photo opportunity and has been very well received by all of our couples especially when they get to keep the flutes as a unique memento of their special day.

When we take the grooms party we also give them a batch of beers to enjoy on the way as the men often have to be at the venue much sooner than the bridal party. The beers are presented in a vintage cool box and have proved to be a big hit with the groom as he nervously awaits his brides arrival.

To add to the wedding theme we can also provide unique VW Wedding Favour Boxes that are an exact replica of our vehicles and will add a fantastic little touch to the table decoration. These are sold separately but full details and pictures are available at www.cannycampers.co.uk/vw-wedding-favours

Where did it all begin?

We are sure we are not the first people to start working on an idea and then end up with something not initially intend. The honest truth of the matter is we wanted to create a self-drive campervan hire business where-by people could book the campervan for a holiday. Unfortunately suffering from a condition, we will call a really tight grip! We refused to hand the keys over to people we had never met to take our baby off us! This left us with a major problem as we had invested in an asset and no way to pay for it. After talking about our self-inflicted problem on a local VW forum a company approached us with a solution. They told us about using VW’s as wedding cars which at the time was a really novel and unique idea as this company were probably the first company to do this. They told us they were turning customers away and really wanted a company they could recommend. This is how and where it all started for Canny Campers, and we are still going and improving 8 years on.

Wedding of Amanda & Adam Johnson at Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead
Picture by jeffjonesphotos.com©

Why should people book Canny Campers and not your competitors?

That is a very good question and more important now than ever before as more and more suppliers either enter the market or current main stream suppliers expand into the market.

I may not have been a massive fan of my old job working for the Council, however when doing my degree, I learnt a useful Japanese word “Kaizen” which essentially means “Continuous Improvement” and this is one of my main aims with Canny Campers. To be the best but not take our position for granted and so continue to work on the vehicles, the service and the processes.

That doesn’t mean much if you don’t have a passion and care about what you are doing and we do. Canny Campers are well thought of by our customers who consistently provide positive feedback and testimonials,


What do you love about the wedding industry?

This is such a great space to work, it can be stressful and has its challenges being such an important day however our true aim for being in the wedding car industry is to do the best by the bride and groom.

After going through what seems like a mini-relationship in a matter of a few hours, what is great is when you can tell your part in such a big day was well received and getting a sense that this industry can be more emotionally rewarding than many.

Do you have a bit of advice or a top tip for a bride to be?

The day will be a whirl wind of meeting, greeting, thanking and no doubt drinking which is all well and good but its only 1 day and it will fly by. My advice is to savour every moment, don’t let nerves get the better of you and don’t spend your time worrying about other people. You will have spent many hours and a small fortune on your big day, so love it as YOUR big day!


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