Calling Mr Right -UK ‘Perfect Man’ Survey Results
  • UK company polls the nation’s females
  • Women give their definition of their perfect man
  • Spoiler Alert! Brummie is considered the least attractive accent

Do you want a well-read man with a southern accent who’ll introduce you to new things? Or would an Irishman with practical skills and no interest in football be more likely to get your heart racing?

No strangers to wedding invites, hen party specialists polled women aged between 20 – 55 about their ideal man. Interestingly at a time when the pay gender gap is under scrutiny, 16% of women think their perfect man should earn more than them, while practical skills are more valued than intellect.

  • Sexy eyes are rated more important than good teeth.
  • Women find the London/Southern accent most attractive.
  • 16% of women think a man should earn more than them.
  • 65% of women want a man who will introduce them to new things.
  • 81% of women think their best friend’s opinion of their partner matters.

Women gave their views on a host of different factors such as;

  • What is most important in a partner
  • Interest and abilities
  • Intellect
  • Types of hobbies
  • Height
  • Travel/sport/reading/music
  • The most attractive accent
  • Biggest turn ons
  • Biggest turn offs
  • And more…

GoHen’s findings have revealed that the ideal man should…Have sexy eyes, a good sense of humour, be well-read, not like football, introduce his partner to new things, be practical and intelligent and talk in a southern accent.’s Matt Lay said, “Admittedly our poll isn’t great news for fans of Birmingham City Football Club but if you’re well-travelled and can put up a shelf while quoting Shakespeare then your Tinder profile could soon be a thing of the past.”

You can see the full results from the Perfect Man Survey at

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