A winter wedding is a stunning backdrop for some really striking beauty looks, but the cold weather can play havoc with your skin. With a little know-how and preparation, however, you can make sure you glow on your big (winter’s) day for all the right reasons – rather than frostbite! Take a look at our makeup and skincare tips for your winter wedding.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

When it comes to skincare, moisturising is the number one priority for all winter brides. There are so many factors that are challenging your skin at this time of year, both indoors and out. Of course, those harsh winds and icy temperatures will be drying out your skin, but so too is your central heating. Put back the moisture with some deeply hydrating products twice a day.

The same goes for your baths and showers too. Very hot water will strip your skin of its natural moisture. Although it’s tempting to counterbalance the cold with a long, hot soak, you’re best off sticking to lukewarm temperatures.

Match your makeup to your skin type

Your makeup can help you deal with the cold weather too. Skin tends to be drier in winter, so adapt your usual makeup products to match the season – and the change in your skin. Try cream or liquid foundations at this time of year, as they tend to work better on drier skin. These kinds of formulations will also help you achieve that glowing, dewy look.

Embrace the season

When you think of a winter colour palette, you probably think of deep berry shades and jewel tones. And these look wonderful in a bride’s winter makeup look, especially if you have a white, snowy backdrop. Those rich colours look all the more striking against a typical wintery background – and a traditional white gown, of course.

This can be as simple as a statement-making berry lip colour, emerald green eye shadow, or metallic nails. You can pick one feature to make a feature of with these bold hues, or go all out with complementary colours across your whole look.

Don’t be afraid to keep it low-key

Of course, you don’t have to go dramatic with your makeup look if that’s not your style. The winter also lends itself to a subtle style in keeping with nature’s most stripped back season. If your everyday makeup look is very simple, then you can keep that look going – a quality foundation, mascara and lip balm is all you need for flawless photos.

A slick of petroleum jelly will serve the dual function of bringing some shine to your lips for the photographs and protecting them from the wind and the cold. But is petroleum jelly safe? This is a common question, but you can rest assured that there are no known common petroleum jelly side effects. Is petroleum jelly safe? Yes!

These four skincare and makeup tips for winter brides will help you look and feel your best during this challenging but beautiful time of year.

Many thanks to Kira Kolosova for this article.










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